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September 21, 2011 05:21 by ehouston

I just had to share this project idea that I received through one of my email subscriptions to Better Homes and Gardens’ website.  As you may remember, last year I went crazy with the paper mache pumpkins, which I cannot wait to set out again this year. 


It’s one of those media forms that I always keep in the back of my mind as a solution to get something I want but cannot afford, since it really is so easy and inexpensive to work with.  Now, these project ideas from have me inspired to start tearing up some newspaper STAT! 

Papier-mache vase

Initial Vase from recycled materials

I have been admiring all the variations of faux taxidermy over at Etsy for years and have always wondered if it was a project I could tackle. I usually lean toward the fabric mountings, but paper mache might be the way to go.

Deer animal-head plaque

Paper Mache Deer Head

A deer and an elephant head, along with a jackalope and we will have our own version of a hunting lodge in no time at all!

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