Found: Where The Real Housewives Shop!

June 9, 2011 00:17 by ehouston

I rarely purchase clothing online, so when I end up receiving oddball clothing catalogs I always have to wonder where they got my information in the first place.  Sometimes, I even have to wonder what I ordered that would make them ever think I would want what they have to offer.  That is the case with the most recent barrage of apparel catalogs from Boston Proper.  Let’s just say, I cannot image people in and around the Boston area wearing any of these clothes and the word proper should not be any where in the text.  These clothes are hilarious to me.  Now, granted, I am a frumpy mom and I am rarely seen in anything but jeans and funky T’s.  However, just because I don’t always sport it, doesn’t mean I don’t have at least a little clue as to what is popular, or cool.

When the first catalog arrived a couple of months ago, I felt like I had just received an insider’s look at where the Real Housewives of the OC and Miami shop.  I thought the TV people must have figured out my secret.  They somehow knew that I am drawn to this insanely stupid “reality” television programming and they think I want to be just like these ladies.  First, I would have to have a boatload of plastic surgery to fill out any of these clothes and second I would need to move to a much warmer climate. 

When the latest catalog arrived last week The Mister and I had a fun time naming all the slutty sexy looks.  It’s as though every couple of pages presents a new theme of who you are supposed to be while wearing the item, but all with a “trashy” edge.  In case, like me, you had never heard of or seen this catalog before here is a badly Photoshopped sampling of Boston Proper:



Look!  They even use the “S” word in their descriptions!



They even have work wear!


Oh joy!  They have Ikat too!  Blech!


Disclaimer #1- For those of you that love the Boston Proper clothing and came across my post just by mistake.  I apologize if I have offended you.  Please see Disclaimer #2.
Disclaimer #2- I will never be a “sexy” anything, so if you fit into the description of Disclaimer #1, I am simply jealous that you can get these clothes on and look good in them.

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