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October 12, 2011 06:56 by ehouston

I have been on a fast food binge lately, or at least that’s how it seems.  The last few weeks have been so busy with day to day errands, etc. that I have found myself (and the Little Guy) ready to eat, with nothing easy to make at home…or an impending nap and no time to waste.  So, Wendy, the King and Panera have been stepping in to help a sista’ out.  I fear that my child is now addicted to chicken nuggets and hamburgers, but at least these places offer apples instead of fries as a side. 


(Panera, Car Picnic)

All this fast food gluttony has me thinking even more about getting my diet back in order and taking better charge of what goes into my body.  Several people I know are on high protein diets and The Mister has been pushing to move away from carbs altogether.  The thing is, I LOVE carbs.  Every time I begin meal planning I come around to the same process; meat, starch, veggie.   It’s how we ate growing up and how I have always thought of as proper diet.  After looking back and realizing every meal and snack for the day included breads and/or other carbs I know I have to do something about this way of thinking. 

For example:


Bacon Donuts


Sweet Italian loaf and the makings of French Toast Casserole.


Slow Cooker Carrot Cake


Refrigerator pastry Empanadas


Canned biscuit donuts


And, the Baconator!  Okay, this has a lot of protein, but I just had to throw it in there because it looked so good.  This was the result of Hurricane Irene and my quest to eat everything in the fridge before it went bad.

I just cannot imagine not eating breads.  Not only do I enjoy eating different types of breads, but I love making them too.  Right now we have three loaves of banana and two of prune bread in the freezer waiting to be thawed, toasted and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.  Yep, that’s the other thing….adding sweetness to all those carbs.  AHHHH, okay, I need to pull it together.  Tomorrow.  Or, maybe next week.  We will get there sooner or later.

On another interesting note, I was lured to Popeye’s Chicken today after seeing their new ads about a hundred times over the weekend.  Of course, after driving across town to get the dipper chicken things that looked so good, they ended up being out of them.  Wha-?  So, I was forced (yeah, right!) into getting us some chicken strips with green beans meals, which I have to give them credit for having things like green beans on their menu.  The crazy thing was that they don’t offer milk with the kid’s meals.  Kids have to pick a drink from the regular line up of sodas and fruit punch.  Isn’t that weird?  Or, is it just me?

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