DIY–The Nursery–A Vintage Modern Girl’s Nursery

October 1, 2012 07:01 by ehouston

As many of you know we have a 3 year-old little boy and just welcomed a sweet baby girl.  So now you know where I have been lately.  Our Little Guy has made the transition to a “Big Boy” room and at the same time he reluctantly gave up his nursery to his new little sis.  What that meant for me was a chance to girlie-up the décor of the nursery before her arrival.  For those of you that don’t remember, the room had been painted and decorated in blue, white and brown.  These colors were actually what I had used in my office at our old Nashville, TN home, so I could see them being used for a girl, but decided I wanted some softer touches and a new look. 


(The Little Guy’s space before softer shades took over.)


(The wall colors played well with his vintage globes and teddy bears.)


(As you can see most of the furniture is very simple and modern in design.)

Plus, after nearly three years of looking at all those circles I was ready to stare at something different for a while.

This project began like most of mine, lots of ideas and no budget.  Literally I was tasked with making something from nothing.  I decided the easiest way to neutralize the blue would be to tape off the center blue band along the walls and paint it out, which would also eliminate the circles and dots, but spare me the need to redo the entire room.  In our paint stash I had a can of Oops paint from Home Depot that appeared to be a really pale misty blue-green, which although it may sound masculine, had a softness to it that seemed feminine and perfect to me. 


(The furniture arrangement stayed the same- it’s the best layout for the space.)


Unfortunately after taking the time to add the first coat it became abundantly clear that the color was more sage green in the room’s lighting and against the dark brown of the lower band.  I was disappointed to say the least.  Not only because the color looked so drastically different on the walls, but that this was the second or third time I had made this mistake recently and I no longer had the time to start playing the “find the perfect color” game.  Originally I had intended to paint or stamp a pattern along the middle band, so in my mind I figured that might tone down the color, but no luck.  So, in the end I sucked it up and realized I could not waste any more time worrying about the color and I just needed to move forward and learn to love it.

It was a only a couple of days later, while rummaging through my fabric stash that I realized I had some pretty cute fabrics tucked away that could play well with the shade that ended up on the walls.  So, I set to making curtains, covering pillows and creating some unique artwork.  You can find more details about how I created the fabric pieces over at my sewing and craft site, Chic Tweaks


It was fun digging through my supplies to find vintage pieces to bring out and finally use and enjoy.


(Vintage fabric filled embroidery hoop art.)IMG_3110(Vintage Flower Pin Art.)


(Vintage Reproduction Fabric Quilt and Pillow Covers.)

Although, I am not a fan of making nurseries super gender specific I did have some favorite fabrics in a nice shade of pink that I thought I could make work with the otherwise neutral space.  Even though the furniture is all quite modern I feel like the reproduction fabric prints (from the 1920’s- 1940’s) fit in just fine without being too over the top and cutesy.

Just like in my son’s nursery, I personalized a wall mounted plaque with hooks by adding the new baby’s initials.


(Initial wall plaque from my son’s nursery.)


(The new version for our little girl, made with a patchwork of vintage fabrics.)

As you can see from the shots above, we kept the placement of the shelf above the dresser/changing table, along with all the teddy bears.  The bears were gifts from relatives to me and my brother when we were young.  Now they have been sitting watch over my little ones.  This time around I brought out a couple of the more girlie bears that didn’t seem right for my son’s nursery, but that I think our little girl will enjoy as she gets older.  My aunt also sent us my mother’s Madame Alexander doll, which she had been keeping for all these years (at the very end of the teddy bear shelf above).


The doll has been tucked in with the loyal teddies and I think goes well with a couple other vintage pieces in the space; namely the tan bear above which wears the dress my mom wore home from the hospital and the big brown bear who is wearing my mom’s Brownie Uniform from when she was just a girl.  It’s fun to see all these sweet vintage mementos coming out from the attic to be enjoyed all over again.  The little white rocker was a gift to my son from his Great Grandma and has since been confiscated back to his room.  Jealous?  Well, maybe just a bit.  ;o)  The sweet corduroy lion was my son’s gift to his baby sister.  He likes to make sure she has it where ever she goes.  So, I guess it’s not all hate around here.

I will admit to having trouble bringing all my ideas together in this space. I finally decided to add everything I had in mind and just go from there. That is how the space ended up with a mix of vintage and modern, both in furniture and fabrics.  Taking this attitude helped me find a better home for my sweet mounted butterfly picture from the ‘60’s, along with some metal flower hooks I have lugging around for years.



And, for a couple more fun elements I hung a framed alphabet picture that ties in with the flowery garden theme and I strung up several paper lanterns left over from my son’s “big boy” room to act as a mobile above the crib.  The lanterns were meant to be used for a shower (baby or bridal) and came with a bunch of paper butterflies to tape into place.  I used all 24 of the butterflies to add interest to just three of the circles and I think they work pretty well for a mobile*.  


(Garden Themed Alphabet Picture.)IMG_3111

When I originally set out to write this post we were still playing the waiting game and I was sure she would be late.  The pink frames are still awaiting shots of baby and grandparents and the hand-me-down toys and books are on high alert for their second chance at life outside the toy box.  However, we have already worked our way through several boxes of the stocked up diapers, the dresser that was stuffed to the brim with pink, ruffles and lace has already undergone a weeding out of the too-small newborn items.  After nearly two months of use I have to say that the look is growing on me just as fast as the closet is filling up with pretty little dresses all in a row.

Now, if I could just get some sleep…..

Kitsch Krafts

*For those of you wondering, no, the paper lanterns are not meant to be used as a mobile over a baby’s crib.  In order to avoid a possible choking hazard if the butterflies were to somehow fall off, I hung them at the bottom end of the crib.  This way, if something should come down it will land below my daughter’s feet, and she still has a great view as they twirl around.

PS – Here is the cost breakdown for you DIY nerds out there.

Many items were reused from the original nursery and/or my vintage stash. Here is the list of those items.

All furniture – bed, dresser, rocker, shelving, bookshelf, side table/stool and hamper

Bedding – quilt, bed skirt and bumper (not pictured) These items are pale blue on one side and white on the other.  I choose to feature the white side for both the quilt and bumper, when it was in place.  The bed skirt is neutral in brown and white.

Accessories – Lamp, Weather and Temperature Center Clock, Books and Toys, Teddy Bears, Wall Plaque with Hooks, Curtain Rod and Finials

Purchases, Creations and Additions:

Two Fitted Sheets- From Target                       $15.00/two with special purchase

     One is pink and green polka-dots and the other is a geometric pattern in pink.

Pink Frames – From Target                             $8.99/three

Paper Lantern Mobiles – From Party City          Free/leftover from Son’s room makeover

Flower Pin Art – Supplies from Hobby Lobby & Joann’s          $7.33 for the fabric and two pins

     The vintage pins were from my stash, along with the mini canvas boards and ribbon.

Embroidery Hoop Art – From Joann’s               $16.00 for the hoops

      All fabric was from my vintage stash.

ABC Art – Frame w/Matt from Target               $16.99

      Art was printed at home on cardstock I already owned.

Curtains, Pillow Covers and Quilt – From my stash             Free- Already owned all the fabric

Metal Flower Hooks – From my vintage stash                    Free

Initial Art on Wall Plaque – Fabric from my stash               Free

Wall Color – Oops Paint from Home Depot         $7.00/ gallon

Grand Total:                                                   $72.30

Not bad for a quick reworking of the original space and I think there is a lot of change in there for such a small amount of spending.  Tell me what you think.  I’d love to hear from you guys.

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Etsy Treasury–Pretty Polly: Lines and Texture

June 10, 2011 05:16 by ehouston

Another cool vintage mod Etsy Treasury featuring one of my vintage fabric art pieces.  This one was curated by Rebecca Montgomery Rich of Afternoon Owl Designs.


Check out the Treasury and Rebecca’s shop.  It’s full of neat-o knit shawls and collars.

Kitsch Krafts

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DIY–1960’s Tri-Level House–Kitchen

March 15, 2011 08:15 by ehouston

As I continue working on small decorating projects around here I have been reminiscing about some of the improvements we had made at our old house in Nashville, TN.  Mostly I have been remembering how much easier completing a project seemed to be in a smaller home.  Actually what has been happening is that I have become fixated on a cheaper than solid surface solution to my gross white countertops and I just can’t find anything that seems right.  While thinking about the countertop change here I was fondly remembering the funky countertops in the Nashville kitchen.  Don’t laugh, they were one of the main driving forces behind my wanting to buy this house.  I LOVED them!  The color was a dark aqua with little gold flecks.  Yep, straight outta’ 1962!




(They even had a matching rotary phone when we moved in!)

I know, yuck is what most of you are thinking.  But, we thought they were really fun, kind of cool and that curve on the end of the peninsula had us sold!  We liked the color so much, that we were considering keeping it when the dulled-over-time surface had us thinking it was time for an upgrade.  In the end, we were not able to change the countertops before The Mister’s company relocated us to Richmond, VA.  However, during our time in house we did make some other changes to help bring the dark, dated space into the new millennium.  Well, sort of.


In the shot above you can see the new fridge we had to buy six months after moving in.  I came down to the kitchen for breakfast one morning and found that our 1982 Frigidaire had turned into a giant 2004 Igloo cooler.  A trip to a couple of appliance stores and the Sears Scratch and Dent later and we had our new stainless steel monster that we still love today.  You can also see the lovely tongue and groove paneling that graced three rooms of our old house.  While this was not my favorite wall covering, I always found it a bit heartbreaking when I saw people paint over it. 


For the longest time we were convinced that was the way to go in this room so that we could get some light in the space.  Then my dear old mom brought up a great point.  She mentioned that the cabinets took up, at least visually, more space than the tongue and groove and they were not made of very good wood.  She was right!  Painting the cabinets would make more of a difference and we would not be destroying the nicer wood aspect of the space.  The shot above also gives a clear view of the hideous linoleum flooring.  The kitchen was about 15 feet by 25 feet, so this was a lot of harvest gold and cream along with all that wood!


(Another favorite item in this house was that cool light above the kitchen table.  It had a glass panel, light diffuser on the bottom until one fateful morning when I tried to put in a new light bulb.  It slipped right out of my hands, dented the tabletop and smashed into a pile of pieces.  wah-wah…  It hung there without a cover until we moved.)

Once we decided to make a change in this space we went for it.  The first and easiest fix was putting down new flooring.  I ended up using a self-adhesive tile that looked like dark gray slate.  It came in 18” by 18” sheets that even had grout lines.  The tops were textured like slate and the grout lines were dented in to look and feel like the real thing.  Honestly, they looked pretty real at first glance and the whole kitchen was really transformed with just that one change.  (BTW- they still sell these tiles at Lowe’s.)

Next came the paint job of all paint jobs.  I took on the cabinets.  I did it all by the books…drew up a map of the cabinets, numbered the doors, cleaned, sanded, scraped, cleaned some more.  It took weeks of primer, paint and acrylic top coats before I was finished and my marriage was almost over.  Just kidding!  But, this was probably one of the worst projects to live through with a husband that hates house projects.  We decided on a very light gray for the top cabinets and one two shades darker for the bottom cabinets.  It looked almost like a white kitchen, but then the light hit the cabinets and you could tell there was a hint of bluish gray to the paint.  It turned out quite nice in the end.  Plus, our old 1960’s range fit right in and the old white dishwasher blended away.  We also sprayed the bronze colored range hood white to create a more cohesive look.


(Photo courtesy of Zeitlin Realty, Nashville, TN)

The only structural change we made to the space was to remove the wrought iron hand rail to the den stairs because it was bronze and pretty unattractive, and to remove the curly-q apron across the light above the sink.  We replaced the apron with a nice simple arch and the handrail with a plain wooden version.

(Photo courtesy of Zeitlin Realty, Nashville, TN)

(Photo courtesy of Zeitlin Realty, Nashville, TN)

(Photo courtesy of Zeitlin Realty, Nashville, TN)

I searched and searched, but never found a replacement part for the original kitchen nook ceiling light.  In the end we opted to put in something simple and right off the shelf from Home Depot.  If we had stayed I believe we would have found something a bit more fun and funky, but this is what it takes sometimes to get a place sold, right?  We also added a basic track light in white to the main kitchen area where the old, and very ugly, ceiling fan had been.  That was one of those projects we wished we had done first since it added so much more light to both the cooking space and the staircase to the den. 

(Photo courtesy of Zeitlin Realty, Nashville, TN)

As you can see from the shot above we did leave the tongue and groove paneling untouched in the rest of the space, but the impact of changing the cabinets was still pretty amazing.  Am I right?  Can I get a Hallelujah? 

(Photo courtesy of Zeitlin Realty, Nashville, TN)

Of course, we added new hardware in brushed nickel.  The handles had a nice curve that felt just right in your hand.  Originally I had some cute retro style red patio chairs around the black painted wood table and the kitchen colors included, gray, brown, red, and aqua.  For the sale, we switched out the patio chairs for the Windsor style chairs that went with our old dining table and amped up the brown and aqua color combo to bring this kitchen even more up to date.  We added aqua drapes with dark brown bands along the bottom to the sliding patio doors and I sewed cute curtains and valances for the eating nook and sink windows.  It was so coordinated that it felt out of place for us, but we liked it all the same.

(Photo courtesy of Zeitlin Realty, Nashville, TN)

We just hope the new owners are loving it as much as we are missing that cozy old kitchen.

Kitsch Krafts

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DIY- The Nursery

January 29, 2010 07:36 by ehouston

Now that the Little Guy is almost five months old I am finally getting around to posting more info about how I decorated his nursery.  I still have several projects under way to put the finishing touches on his room (probably just in time for him to move to a bigger space), but I thought I would go ahead and share what I have accomplished so far.  For those of you that are new to Kitsch Designs here is a little recap: my husband and I just moved to Richmond, VA from Nashville, TN because his job was moved and we were relocated to this area.  We left our beloved, funky 1960’s Tri-Level home and purchased a 1990’s Colonial in the ‘burbs.  We were able to get much needed space, which I am slowly but surely revamping as time permits, and newer “bones” so to speak.  (Nothing like the excitement of 3-prong outlets after having lived in older homes for the past 12 years!)  We also made this move when I was approximately 7.5 months along and if it weren’t for the movers and my ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL mom, I just don’t know how we would have managed.  Since the baby was coming so soon after relocating my husband made me swear I would not start any major projects.  I was only allowed to work on the nursery.  Now, this may make you stop and think, “what kind of husband puts his foot down like that”?  Well, the kind that has a super stressful job and dislikes large remodeling projects that create messes that linger for months.  The poor guy has seen my past work and although he has always loved the outcome he has suffered, very vocally I might add, through the chaos that leads to the finished product.  The Mister is handy, but just does not enjoy DIY projects like I do.  So, I tread as lightly as possible with my “works in progress” and it helps to keep the sanity.  So, to keep the peace that is exactly what I did with the nursery project.

It started with the smallest of the bedrooms, which looked like this when we moved in:


A shot from the hallway into the room toward the little walk-in closet.


This shows the back wall of the room with the large and bright double window.


Here is the room shot from the closet doorway looking toward the door to the hall.

As you can see from these pictures the room was a blank canvas.  In fact, the first time we viewed this home during the buying process I believe it had been set up for a boy because it was painted light blue and you can still see the remnants of that color on the trim peeking through the closet door in the first photo.  The previous owners had painted the walls and trim white and left the plaid valance, which was also in shades of blue with cream and beige.  The carpet is just a neutral beige and seems to be brand new, so we decided to leave it alone for now, plus it will be nice for the Little Guy to crawl around on in the near future. 

So, a wide open, empty space…that’s what I had to work with and I will tell you I think it made for one of the most difficult projects yet!  For some reason when I am having to “make-do” in a tight space I always seem to know exactly what direction to move in, but with this room I was stumped.  My head was reeling because I knew this baby was coming and I had to figure out what to do for furniture (buy new or refinish old), what to do for window treatments (off the shelf or hand sewn), what color or colors to put on the walls, trim, etc, etc.  Like I said, my head was spinning!

I finally decided that due to time and budget constraints I would have to make paint carry the room and I embarked on a project to liven up the walls with color.  I also planned to purchase as many finished pieces for the room as possible, again due to the ticking clock that was my cooking baby.  After finding a cute bedding set in pale blue and dark brown with a circular quilted motif things were set in motion. 


My goal was to do something fun with paint, yet keep the room from being to juvenile.  The Mister and I were not really interested in having a specific theme or adding cartoon characters that the little one (or the grown-ups for that matter) would soon detest.  Also, the last thing I wanted to do was create another painting project for myself just a few years later.  I ran with the circle idea and got crafty with some supplies from my local office store.  I will be posting more details about that project soon.


Photo from the hallway door into the room.

The resulting walls have a colorful horizontal banding that will not only hold-up to a soon to be messy little man (hence the dark bottom band), but hopefully grow with him a bit too.


A shot of the room from the side opposite the hallway door.


Here is the dresser that serves double duty as a changing table. 

We ended up purchasing a new crib to err on the side of safety and I spent the next several weeks searching local junk shops for the perfect changing table.  At one really cool shop I found what I thought would be the most fantastic changing table and bookshelf.  It was an old dining room hutch from the 1960’s or 70’s and the top portion of open shelving lifted right off the base, making it a great candidate for the bookshelf in the nursing and reading nook (pictured below).  The remaining base had shelves behind two large doors, which flanked a center section of drawers and the top was just right for a changing pad and necessities. I figured a coat of shiny white paint to help it blend with the crib and we would be good to go.  Unfortunately, when I returned the piece had just been purchased and carted away.  Of course in my “baby is almost here!” nesting frenzy to get the work done I went into hysterics requiring a long soothing hug from The Mister as I commiserated about what I was going to do.  I’m sure there are other women out there that have had similar meltdowns toward the end of their pregnancies and luckily we can look back now and just laugh about it.

! Nursery-RockerFromFront 

The nursing and reading nook.

As you can see from the picture above we ended up with a simple white 3-shelf unit from Target.  Although it was not a part of a nursery furniture set I thought it was generic enough to blend in well with the other pieces.  Plus, with a simple design like this it can be moved to other locations in our home and not seem like a remnant from the baby’s room.  Speaking of remnants, don’t you recognize that lamp from this project?  Yep, it’s making the rounds again!  We topped the windows with a sturdy wooden rod and curved finial, threaded with dark chocolate brown tab valances.  For now we kept the white honeycomb blinds, but plan to replace those with black-out roman shades later. 

My aunt gifted us the lovely bentwood rocker and we believe it fits in nicely.  I tried to love a glider, but I just could not make it happen.  I know they are super comfortable and there are times that I wish I was sitting down in a big plush chair, but for some reason manufacturers just cannot seem to get it right with glider design (or if they do it’s so out of this world in price you would need to take out a separate mortgage to cover the cost).  This rocker fit the bill completely.  I found it at, added it to the registry and was nicely surprised when it arrived a couple of weeks later.  This is another piece that does not perfectly match the crib and dresser because it is a natural wood, but I believe the white webbing helps it to blend.  I found the little bentwood table/stool at my local Kroger for $13.00 and figured I could not pass up a nice spot to place a drink or magazine while I am tending to the Little Guy.  They actually sell these little tables at my local Target too, but for considerably more, so I definitely got a deal.  (GO BUDGET!)  One last thing about the rocker, it has have a very deep seat which is perfect for the Mister and I since we are quite tall, but for nursing I did add a couple of pillows to assist in sitting at a more upright angle.  I just happened to find both of these at Walmart (ugh!) and the color combo was perfect.  The neck roll pillow was just a regular bolster with drawstring bows on the ends.  I tied the bows into loops that I hung around the top corners of the rocker.  As you can see it worked amazingly well and keeps the kinks out of my neck during those early morning feedings.


Sleep central.

As I mentioned above, we went with a new crib to be sure we had a safe spot for the Little Guy to land and ended up with this design (Olivia) through (ugh again!) from Baby Mod.  We really liked the clean modern lines of this piece and the fact that the mattress adjusts up and down rather than having a sliding rail (which can become loose and dangerous after use).  As you all know from previous posts here and here, I lusted after the Sleepi Crib by Stokke, but it just was not in the budget.  And, Target has some nice cribs by Dwell, but after seeing one in a display I felt it was not as sturdy as I would like (plus, it appeared to have a lot of screw holes that showed once it was put together).  The Olivia crib is very solid, only has a couple of spots where you can see the screw heads and has a nice painted white and stained wood finish.  Although bringing this crib in added another wood tone to the room we decided it would work, and once we had the bedding in place we were very pleased with the entire look.  Note in the first crib photo (above and below again)


you can see that we have a full bumper, matching sheet and crib skirt.  I really fell for this set from (really, again?) called Ticklicious because it was actually quilted rather than just printed with the circle design.  Since I make and sell baby quilts as a side hobby my friends and family said they could not wait to see what I came up with for the nursery.  It broke my heart a little to have to admit to them and myself that I simply did not have the time to sew anything with the baby coming so soon after moving.  Once we received this set, though, I knew I had made the right decision.  Each piece is of a very nice quality and the set includes not only the bumper, crib skirt and fitted crib sheet, but a set of toddler bed sheets and a fully quilted blanket that matches the bumper.  This particular crib has a conversion piece included that transforms it into a toddler bed, so with one click of the mouse we were good to go for a while!  We also mixed it up a bit by adding some of the Dwell Studio sheets at Target.  I could not resist the super cute patterns in the Elephants bedding design.  Once the little guy started to move around more I got paranoid about suffocation and pulled the bumper out.  With the blue band of circles removed all the brown and white seemed overwhelming and I decided I liked the elephant patterned sheet with the blue and yellow peeking through to add some interest.


The changing station.

After the fiasco with the junk store hutch and as time was running out, I broke down and bought the matching Olivia dresser to use as a changing table.  Even though these pieces are part of a set they did not seem to over the top matchy-matchy to me.  Plus I thought it was a nice touch the way they used simple circular cut-outs as drawer pulls.  I never intended to bring a table specific to changing into the room and lucky for the Mister and I we are both tall.  So, using a dresser with a changing pad on top has worked out very well for us.  I also chose not to anchor the changing pad to the back of the dresser with the little flaps and screws that they include, however for safety I have placed a super sticky rub gripper under the pad and it works like a charm. 

As far as the other decor in the room, it was all just by accident and I am still working on that aspect of this space in order to bring it all together.  The vintage globes and relief map ended up in this room because after we arrived we realized we had a small map collection going and the colors just meshed so well with this space.  I am in the process of completing another wall art project with maps that will actually take the place of the relief map above the crib and I will share those photos once the project is finished.  I knew I wanted a high shelf for our baby’s room, no matter what we were having, because I have a collection of heirloom teddy bears that I wanted to display.  I also just completed the monogram hooks to add some interest above the changing table using the Jenn Ski Animal Alphabet cards.  You can read more about that here.  And, yes, that is a tiny skateboard leaning on the dresser.  Don’t even get me started on that!  The Mister is determined to have a little X-Games champ and is starting him out early.

So, this is our Little Guy’s space.  I had a lot of fun putting it together and I believe he feels quite comfortable in there.  It is an ever-evolving space, not only from my personal decorating aesthetic, but with the Little Guy’s changing needs as well.

I will be sure to share more details about the paint technique I used and other room details in the near future.  In the mean time, tell me about your nursery projects or other big remodeling plans you are working on.  I am always looking for inspiration and my next project to tackle.

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Coming Soon to an Etsy Shop Near You!

August 26, 2008 06:54 by ehouston

I have been working on adding new items to the shop, but also trying to limit the number of items listed so as not to overwhelm shoppers.  I thought the best approach would be to go about this seasonally, like any brick and mortar.  I have several stroller quilts that I will be adding as soon as I can get some decent pictures.  I love my camera, but not the lighting in my house.  It's an older home, with crummy yellowy lighting, and even with all the spare lamps I can find gathered around the object d' art, I cannot seem to get a good shot.  That's not going to stop me, though, because there are children out there with chilly toes and they need a way to stay toasty while out and about!


On another note, we have finally received some much needed rain here in Nashville, TN and although the sky has been very gray everything else is becoming bright green again.  (The gray light coming through my windows has not helped my picture taking one bit, but that was the last topic, right?)  Yesterday morning, I went to step out on the kitchen patio to move a plant out so it could get a drink and staring directly at me on the slider was a Walking Stick bug!  After taking my breath away (nothing like meeting a bug face to face) I realized this is the biggest Walking Stick I have ever seen.  Growing up, I remember seeing these once in a while, but they were never more than 2-3 inches long.  This one is over 5 inches, has a curly-Q mouth (?-not really sure which end has this) and both brown and green coloring.  It really looks like an itty-bitty pine branch with some needles still attached.  It clung to the door all day and was still there this morning.  Don't know what it's up to, but it has been fun to watch.  I even tried to take a picture, but had a really hard time obtaining a decent view because the camera kept auto-focusing on things through the window.  One of these days, maybe I should read that inch thick manual....  Enjoy the pics!

(note: I did include the sliders in the springtime window cleaning, but you wouldn't know it looking at these shots.  ewwww...)



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My Space

August 6, 2008 06:22 by ehouston

Today I thought I would share my workspace with everyone.  I live in a rather small, well normally proportioned (in other words, it's not a McMansion), home that was built in the 1960's.  My office and crafting space is set up in one of our three bedrooms and last year I switched the space up with what had been our bedroom.  The old office was an "L" shape, but the new space is just one big square with two nice windows.  One window is an outlet to the tree-filled back yard and the other looks out the end of our home and down the yards of the other houses on our quiet little street.  This room has brought me great pleasure, being able to think, design, craft and just plain old surf the web in peace and quiet.  This room is also filled with my collection of girlie items...things in styles not really seen in the other parts of my home.  I spare my husband from the frilliness of it all, but because there is this little spot in my heart for all things pink, flowered, soft and weathered with time, I had to make my mark in at least one part of our home.  The color scheme, though very popular now, was actually inspired by a lamp I bought while thrifting way back, long ago while I was in high school.  Said lamp is ceramic with a deep chocolate colored base and a cross-hatch overlay in pale turquoise blue.  The shade is a long drum style that came ripped and stained.  After years of using it "as-is" and thinking that I would one day find a better replacement for that shade, I realized I loved the shape and I finally just repaired it instead.  After fixing the rip I spent about a week and a half of evenings gluing hemp cording around the shade to give it a nice color and texture- good as new!  So, this lamp was a great find years ago and I decided then and there that one day I would have a room decorated in these colors.  Well, fast forward about 17 years and here I am sitting in my office with the pale blue walls and dark chocolate brown accents.  It may appear that I just took my idea straight from any magazine on the shelf, but the heart loves what the heart loves and life is really just to short to worry.  I have included a link to my FLICKR photostream to show my messy, but somehow calming space.  It even has a lounging area with vintage fabric, vintage pillowcases and vintage T-shirt pillows that I made.  I have hung vintage barkcloth drapes with a great vine pattern and installed shelves with mod wire brackets.  There is even an atomic clock to help me know when to stop blogging and get back to my nine to five.  ;0)

So, what does your space look like?

I hope you enjoy taking a look at mine!


The lamp that inspired it all....

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