Freaky Baby Styley!

March 12, 2009 08:01 by ehouston

With one on the way, my current obsession revolves around outfitting our little one in total style.  So far, this kid is going to end up being way more hip than his parents.  My furniture style tastes tend toward the mod, or at least the retro modern (as in Danish style furnishings from the 40's-60's).  The real issue I am dealing with is that I love....I mean LOVE several "on the high end" necessities that are just outrageously expensive (at least to me).  I have tried.  I have looked and looked online.  I have attempted to find knock-offs and even sought out a builder that would create what I want but on the cheap.  Unfortunately, I cannot find the quality or look for my thrift store budget (and frugal nature).  Now, I know you are thinking....the kid doesn't care what his bed, stroller, highchair, etc looks like...why do you care so much?  Well, I figure that if I have to look at and use this stuff for years I want it to grow with the kid and I want to at least enjoy having it in my home.  I am just not the Winnie the Pooh, Precious Moments, (insert your love to hate favorite baby room theme here) kind of mom.  So, I have succumbed.  Second job, here I come!  I have done my due diligence and now I just have to save.  I figure if I don't eat for the next couple of months I can have all the pieces on my wish list within no time at all.  :-D

Month one at crappy retail job should produce the crib money:

My dream crib by Stokke.

If I had all the money in the world I would get this bassinet and just the crib above, but alas, I don't have all the money in the world.  :0(

Nest Bassinet by Ooba.

Month number two at crappy retail job should set us up with the high chair.

Convertible High Chair by Stokke.  Do you see a theme running here?

It will probably take months number three and four to afford this baby, so I am still working on an alternative.

It's so cute with it's Red Cross attitude.  Stroller by Bugaboo.

After all of this, I will probably immediately start freaking out about college.  Third job I'm looking for you now!


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