How this all started....

May 8, 2008 04:27 by ehouston

So, I have been creating since I was a little kid.  Sometimes with the aid of a parent or teacher and other times on my own with stolen, make that acquired tools from said parents or teachers.  The idea of making something not only from my heart, but through the use of my mind always fascinated me and held my attention for hours.  I would often deconstruct something just to figure it all out.  I could not always reconstruct the item, or if I did it might not look exactly the same and there could be some extra parts left over, but I would at least get the gist of it all.  Throughout the years, I have created, collected, refurbished and reinvented everything from junk parts, to clothing, furniture and other odd castoffs.  To make something new and useful out of something that is, well, technically trash in someone else’s eyes is a very rewarding task.  The business of doing so, even more rewarding and I have attempted it, as a way to support my hobbies, many times over the last 10-15 years or so.  Part of my desire to recreate from the old and unused was due in part to being raised by thrifty recyclers and re-inventors.  It also came from a love of being surrounded by items with a past and a story.  Once on my own, I also discovered that making that cool, newly acquired (bought this time, not stolen) piece of furniture or other home décor item meant trying to fit it into a palate built for a more modern era.  The average suburban track home leaves much to be desired when trying to outfit the interior with vintage pieces and retro found objects.  Then there was the issue with needing new items to cozy up a home with an older aesthetic; a concern a good friend brought to me when attempting to merge a nursery into her vintage bungalow.  None of the items that were readily available were a fit and everything screamed, THIS IS THE KID’S ROOM, rather than blending in nicely with the rest of her Arts & Crafts furnishings.  All these experiences came together a one point and made me realize there is opportunity here to create not only what people want, but what they need.  That is how was born.  Over the years this little made by one woman, cottage industry has taken on many different projects to infuse retro chic into apparel, accessories and home décor.  Most recently, it has become a moniker for any and all of my creative passions and this site is just another outlet for me to express my love of the old, the new, the once loved and the recently reborn.  I hope you enjoy! -E

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