Making and Crafts : Vintage Scrubber Magnet Board

August 4, 2011 23:17 by ehouston

As you all know, I have been busy cleaning up and cutifying our laundry area.  The last few posts here and at Chic Tweaks have been more detailed descriptions of the vintage items I fixed up and used to decorate that space.  I just posted about the curtain and valance project over there, and earlier this week I let you in on where those storage boxes came from, here.  Now, I wanted to share the magic of crafting a magnet board from an old scrubbing board.  Are you ready?  It’s so amazing and you are going to want to run out and find a scrubbing board and make this for your home right away!  Here comes the details….hold on tight to your seat….

You take your scrubbing board, exhibit A….


Exhibit A

…and a couple of screws, preferably old looking ones to keep the vintage feel….


…and screw them into the sides in a sturdy area of the wood…


…and then tie a short length of rope to the screws.  Amazing, right!?! 

I know, way too easy.  Once you are finished with the really hard part of adding the rope hanger you can just loop it over a hook.  Or, in the case of our laundry room, you can drill a hole, push a 2 inch wooden dowel into that hole and glue a vintage button to the end for fun.  However, the best part of this whole project, aside from the finished piece, was really in making the magnets to go along with the magnet board.

First I gathered some of my favorite vintage buttons in colors I thought would sort of coordinate with the other colors of the laundry room.  Oh, and I bought a packet of magnets too.


Using needle-nose pliers I broke the backs off the buttons to make them as flat as possible.  This was messy and I would suggest eye protection.  Some of those old Bakelite buttons shatter in a most unexpected way.


I arranged and rearranged the stacks until they were perfect.  Then I used a hot glue gun to glue together the button stacks and then the stacks to the magnets.


I think the end result is pretty charming and now I can leave notes for myself, or The Mister, as a last minute reminder or cheery boost for the day as we walk out the back door.


For more information on this neat vintage find click here.



As the Columbus Washboard Co. says on their website, “May all your laundry days be warm and breezy.”

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Working, working, working away!

August 29, 2008 05:05 by ehouston




I just wish I could whistle while I work, but unfortunately I have never been able to make much more than a sharp single syllable note (if you can even call it that) come out when I try to whistle.  So, it would be the most monotone song to ever permeate this home, and I think the dog might even have to leave the room.  ;0)  It's okay, though because I have the radio and my imagination to keep me going.  I have been working on more bags lately and have added several to my shop, with more on the way. 

Right now I am working on an embellishing job for several little canvas backpacks that I bought years ago.  I had other plans for them at that time, but they never materialized.  I am glad for that, though, because I think this project is much cooler than I what I had originally set out to create.  I hope other people feel the same way and enjoy them too!  I am having wonderful fun with fusible webbing and vintage fabric scraps.  I wish I had jumped on the fusible webbing bandwagon a long time ago because I think it might be one of the most wonderful inventions of all time.  Unfortunately, I was not a card carrying member until recently because I remember the stuff my mom tried using when I was little and it never seemed to work.  I cannot tell you how many hems she tried to "cheat" on by fixing them with something called "wonder under", I believe, and as soon as you washed the garment the hem would come right back out.  I guess this product has come a long way.  Uh-oh, I am feeling the beginning of an iron-on patch craze around here.  Never mind my bad whistling, if the dog does decide to stick around she might just get a new fusible webbing accessory.  Watch out Rox., the iron is hot!

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


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