Putting The Garden On Hold For A Bit

April 23, 2010 04:23 by ehouston

I appreciate the advice that has come my way regarding our yard spruce up and concerns with offending the neighbors.  They have been away over the past week so we have not been able to discuss our plans with them any further.  As soon as we have some progress in that area I will be sure to give an update.

In the mean time, I have been back at work trying to decide on some inside spruce ups.  As you all know from my previous posts we do everything on a tight budget and it often takes us a while to complete any remodel or fix up because we have to save up to make it happen.  Recently I decided that I want to switch out some of the leggy furniture in our formal living room.  Over the years we have collected some very nice vintage Danish Modern pieces and everything has thin tapered legs.  While that look was perfect for our last home (See Here) with it's lower ceilings and long skinny living room, it just gets lost in our new place.  The new living room is more square and has 10 foot ceilings, so all that squatty furniture feels a little to grounded and the thin legs on everything do not have the same effect of visually opening up the space.  I realized that nothing feels very anchored in this room and I want to get some more bulky items to fill in the empty spaces. 

One of the things I would like to change are the end tables.  They have served us well for many, many years now, but I think it's time for something new and a little more interesting.  A few weeks ago I noticed a Big Lots advertisement showing those barrel shaped, Asian-inspired ceramic stools/tables that you see in gardens.  I meant to rush right over and see if I could snag a couple since they were only $20 bucks! 

Wilson & Fisher Decorative Garden Drum at Big Lots.

Unfortunately, I procrastinated and when I finally got over to the local store there were none to be found.  Although I am not trying to go to far with an Asian-inspired look, I think this type of table is just what is needed to help bulk up the space.  Since missing my opportunity at cheapo Big Lots I started searching for these stools/tables online and I have been shocked to see how much they sell for.  I also found a couple of other really cool versions that I think will solve our problem perfectly! 

Cane Mai White Ceramic Garden Stool

Cane Mai Ceramic Garden Stool at

Vivid Turquoise Ceramic Garden Stool

Vivid Turquoise Ceramic Garden Stool from Lamps Plus.

Ceramic Quilt Stool

Ceramic Quilt Stool from Spiegel.

Now, I just need to save up a little more and pray they don't sell out before I can get to one of these.

Do you all have any areas of your home you are itching to slightly revamp or completely redo?  Do you think this is a spring fever sort of thing? 

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