Craft Fair Hell Has Ended...FINALLY!

November 3, 2008 11:17 by ehouston

A month ago I got this crazy idea I would attend a local craft fair.  Luckily I already had some stock and I figured things would just fall in to place.  Then, I started back to my old thrift store scouring ways and began finding all kinds of bits and bobs to create new items.  That is when everything went haywire, then and when I decided to attend a second craft fair a week before the other.  For you crafty types out there, you know how it is.  You start to get ideas and then you have to get those ideas out of your head and create...whatever it is you are dreaming up.  So, that is how I spent the last month.  I had a good time, but I did end up with a lot more stuff than I ever would have imagined possible in such a short time frame.  In the end, both craft fairs I attended were pretty much a bust.  I made back my booth money, but no real profit.  Most of the other people in the booths around us had the same experience, and some of us could not decide if our stuff was just mismatched to the rest of the attendees or if the economy really just had people so down.  Either way, it was fun to show off what I had created and I did get lots of very sweet compliments.  Although, I wish some cash had traded hands along with the kind words.  ;0)

As promised, I am including photos of my bigger booth set up.  These also include items that will be posted to my Etsy shop over the course of this next week.


From way back...vintage quilts and tablecloths are the base.



Front right side of booth....keepsake and jewelry boxes.



Front right side continued....with holiday decor....


Right side, back stuff...


Back stuff, vintage fabric decor, bookmarks and handbags...


Front left side back to left corner....vintage fabric pocketed aprons and more handbags.

Here is my mom fixing up her display of handmade ornaments on our kitschy silver tree.  She created the most hysterical things from polymer clay and recycled light bulbs.  Her imagination always amazes me and when all was said and done we did a great trade for Christmas gifts this year.  I know some lucky people that will be getting some pretty cool ornaments for their trees!

IMG_2498 IMG_2519

Arranging the ornaments.... and my Holiday Albums underneath.

Some of her creations....

IMG_2503 IMG_2509

Pig with Lipstick (she could not resist!)     Smiley Bumblebee                                  

 IMG_2510 IMG_2506

Sweet snowman with earmuffs            Smiley Reindeer

 IMG_2517 IMG_2515

Very cool Mermaid                 Funky Dragonfly

I also stumbled upon several other Etsy crafters while I was there.  Kim Smith, owner of White Cottage Design uses quite possibly the coolest color combos evah!  I really wanted to indulge myself and purchase one of her owl shadow boxes, but I never got a chance to go back over to her booth.   She shared her set up with Jodi Reeves of The Creative Jar, also known as "Jodi The Crafty Chick".  She makes really neat paintings and being textile obsessed, I also admired her fused plastic bags with bits of fabric- super hip!  I had a very fun conversation with the owners of Ragan's Fabric and Goodies and Just For Us Girls.  Cheryl and her husband were a hoot and she makes the sweetest clothes from Amy Butler fabrics. 

Check out these shops when you get a chance and help support some really great people/crafters/artists while you are at it!

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Holiday Kitsch- Coming Soon!

October 21, 2008 05:45 by ehouston

Have you ever made something so cute you can hardly stand it?  Or, something you just like so much you are torn about giving it away or selling it?  Well, my latest projects fall into that category.  I found some vintage holiday fabric cut-outs at a thrift store a while back and although I normally would not have bought something like that, I threw them in the basket anyway.  I am so glad I did because I think what I decided to do with them turned out pretty nice.  I was thinking about all those pictures that my parents took over the years of the Christmas tree decorations and then the tree with all the gifts underneath.  And, of course, the tree, gifts and sleepy kids in PJ's picture we have from every Christmas.  I thought it would be funny to have an album of just those pictures and maybe even a couple of notes about the holiday that year.  It seemed like a cool thing to look back at each holiday to get your nostalgia on.  So, I used the vintage cut-outs and created these albums:



They have a sweet vintage red polka-dot fabric on the inside and the edges have vintage rik-rak inlaid in the seam.  My favorite part is how someone decorated the trees with sequins and beads.

I have also been working on some boxes that I thrifted a while back.  I finally decided to use some other vintage fabric and embroidered linen scraps to cover them and make keepsake or jewelry boxes to sell.  Here are just a couple:



I have been working away lately to get ready for a couple of local craft fairs that are coming up in the next two weeks.  No matter what I decide to create I keep feeling like I just won't have enough stuff to fill up a booth.  Then I am afraid I will kill myself only to have a surplus when I don't sell anything.  It's so hard to judge what will happen at a craft fair.  Then the pricing nightmare.  I know what I need to price my items at, but I also know that people are cheap and rarely want to pay for the work involved.  Whatever items are left over will be added to my Etsy shop after November 1st.  Wish me luck!

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