A Quick Hello!

July 21, 2009 12:42 by ehouston

Just had a moment to say Hi to everyone out there.  We have successfully moved into our new place in the Richmond, VA area.  Now I begin the monumental task of redecorating.  I say "monumental" because this home was last decorated in the early '90's and most of the rooms have a very traditional/colonial look and feel.  Of course, this is the complete opposite of my personal decorating style so I just do not really know where to begin.  I am a very good "Make-Do" kind of person and I am pretty crafty at making things "work".  Now I am faced with being the designer of this space and I realize the process looks much easier on TV.  Frankly, I am a little scared and I am not sure where to begin.  Since we are on the count down to parenthood, the Mister and I have decided to hold off on any major remodeling until early next year (the kitchen has to go!).  I am beginning to think that even the smaller stuff, like taking down wallpaper and painting may need to wait too since my added middle girth has made me tumbly.  No that's not a real word, but that's how I feel...weeble-wobble...but when I tumble I do fall down!  Maybe it's better to look for some inspiration first over the next several months so I will be able to formulate a good plan of action.  In the mean time I think I will take a look back at the last home we revamped to consider what I liked and what did not work.

Have any of you ever been stumped by a design dilemma in your home?  How did you power through it?  Where did you go for inspiration?

Kitsch Krafts

PS.  I have also spent an inordinate amount of time with the Style Network, HGTV, TLC, DIY, etc playing in the background while I unpack.  On one of the shows this morning the designer was trying to redesign for a client in a different country.  She remarked at one point that it's tough to find the design elements you are looking for when you don't know the foreign city's best resources.  I think I may be experiencing a little of that right now too.  I have looked through Habitat for Humanity Restore, a very large Goodwill, an even bigger Salvation Army and several home furnishing consignment shops, but none have bowled me over.  I'm hoping it's just a case of new home-owner's anxiety about what to actually bring home.  I think later this week I will start the branch-out to some of the really cool high-end design shops.  Never hurts to look right?

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