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August 6, 2008 06:22 by ehouston

Today I thought I would share my workspace with everyone.  I live in a rather small, well normally proportioned (in other words, it's not a McMansion), home that was built in the 1960's.  My office and crafting space is set up in one of our three bedrooms and last year I switched the space up with what had been our bedroom.  The old office was an "L" shape, but the new space is just one big square with two nice windows.  One window is an outlet to the tree-filled back yard and the other looks out the end of our home and down the yards of the other houses on our quiet little street.  This room has brought me great pleasure, being able to think, design, craft and just plain old surf the web in peace and quiet.  This room is also filled with my collection of girlie items...things in styles not really seen in the other parts of my home.  I spare my husband from the frilliness of it all, but because there is this little spot in my heart for all things pink, flowered, soft and weathered with time, I had to make my mark in at least one part of our home.  The color scheme, though very popular now, was actually inspired by a lamp I bought while thrifting way back, long ago while I was in high school.  Said lamp is ceramic with a deep chocolate colored base and a cross-hatch overlay in pale turquoise blue.  The shade is a long drum style that came ripped and stained.  After years of using it "as-is" and thinking that I would one day find a better replacement for that shade, I realized I loved the shape and I finally just repaired it instead.  After fixing the rip I spent about a week and a half of evenings gluing hemp cording around the shade to give it a nice color and texture- good as new!  So, this lamp was a great find years ago and I decided then and there that one day I would have a room decorated in these colors.  Well, fast forward about 17 years and here I am sitting in my office with the pale blue walls and dark chocolate brown accents.  It may appear that I just took my idea straight from any magazine on the shelf, but the heart loves what the heart loves and life is really just to short to worry.  I have included a link to my FLICKR photostream to show my messy, but somehow calming space.  It even has a lounging area with vintage fabric, vintage pillowcases and vintage T-shirt pillows that I made.  I have hung vintage barkcloth drapes with a great vine pattern and installed shelves with mod wire brackets.  There is even an atomic clock to help me know when to stop blogging and get back to my nine to five.  ;0)

So, what does your space look like?

I hope you enjoy taking a look at mine!


The lamp that inspired it all....

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