What Was That Lassie? You Found a Tattered Quilt....And It Needs To Be Rescued?

December 2, 2008 07:12 by ehouston

During this time of year, when the seasons change and the weather gets cool I find myself pulling out all my vintage quilts to have a look at what I have collected over the years.  I live in a smaller home and unfortunately I don't have a place to display my quilts out in the open, or a place where they would really look good and make sense with the rest of my decor.  Although, I tend to create on the cutesy side, my home is more vintage modern, where Danish and Japanese furnishings take center stage.  So, my quilts are relegated to the guest room closet and several other baskets and bins that keep them tucked out of site.  I have to bring them out at least once a year just to look over their fun colors and textiles, run my fingers over the intensely tiny hand stitches and gently pat all the little tattered spots with puffy cotton batting peeking out.  After a moment of weakness, mentioned several months ago on this blog, regarding a huge de-stash I also swore off buying any more vintage quilts until I have a better place to keep them.  I had also started bringing home quilts that had pretty much lost all hope for life, requiring complete reconstruction into something new and they were taking over my craft space. 







One of those little projects involved a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt from at least the 40's.  I say "at least the 40's" because most of the fabrics used appear to be Feedsacks from the 1920's and 1930's, but I am not sure that the quilt was constructed during those decades....either way, it was VERY old.  The edges of this quilt were nearly gone and it had spots in the middle that appeared to have been chewed away.  I have no idea how this quilt ended up with all these serious injuries in such strange spots, but it was obvious that it could not go on in its current state.  So, rather than just pulling the plug I decided to make fairy pocket pillows, or Tooth Fairy pillows...however you want to look at it...out of the lovely, hand-pieced and hand embroidered little ladies.  The results have been in my Etsy shop for a while, and just recently I took pictures of each version to make a FLICKR set so that buyers could see each fairy in all her glory.  I am posting this in the hope that the next time you see an old quilt that is just limping along you give it a second look.  Don't let it be tossed away, instead talk that vendor down to a fair price and give it new life!

Happy Crafting!

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