WANTED: Tomato Recipes STAT!

July 31, 2010 02:08 by ehouston

This month has flow by and our backyard veggie patch is really starting to get crazy.  Although I have picked a couple of random ripe tomatoes to enjoy most are just now prime for the picking.  Also, early on we discovered that our old dog Roxy was eating the fruit right off the vine, so our early crop was lost to that little sneak.  I put up a 30 inch high decorative (if you can call those ugly push in the ground metal mini-fences pretty) fence to try to keep her out, but things still went missing.  Finally one morning I noticed mud all along my plants and one tomato, stake and all, bent backward at a weird angle.  Well after following the trail of mud I discovered that she had figured out how to go under the deck, open the lattice that surrounds the underside and slip through into the now fenced off garden in order to pilfer the goods.  Gotta give her some credit for this one, right?  It’s pretty impressive that she worked that all out on her own.  I have since rigged up some string to hold the lattice in place and “connect” the fence to the deck steps post.  It’s not pretty, but so far she is only able to poke her head through and reach a few tomatoes at a time and cannot wreak any more serious havoc…at least so far.  I fear one morning I may come out and find the strings untied- yikes!

After installing the barricade we are now seeing our plants start to burst with fruit.  So, yesterday the Little Guy and I went out to pick tomatoes for a caprese salad we will be enjoying later today and we had a really fun time.  He wanted to pick everything, though, so I ended up having to let him “hold the bucket”.  ;o)  While using one hand and a death grip to keep himself steady on the fence (he is not truly walking yet, just standing and “walking” with lot’s of help from mom and dad) he did manage to sample some basil.  Actually he sampled, spit out and then seeming to forget his distaste for the herb, sampled again.  During this whole time, Roxy kept coming up to sniff and poke him with her nose, all the while eyeing his bucketful of her forbidden treat.


Starring hard at a poking dog.  You can see my attempt at stabilizing the tomato plant that Roxy knocked over with some string to the fence.  The brick is to then help steady the rickety fence.  Like I stated above, it isn’t pretty.


Checking out his bounty after we moved down the bed to the yellow pear tomatoes.  Moments later the basil sampling ensued.


I don’t know what was going through his little head, but at this point he raised his bucket and started squealing at the plants.  I like to think he was thanking them for all the good grub. 

Now we just need to get some more recipes so we don't make ourselves sick on BLT's.  Please, let us know what you like to do with your fresh picked tomatoes.  We love a yummy new take on an old favorite too!

Hope your July was grand and that you are enjoying your summer!

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