Funky Kroger You Are The Best!

April 14, 2010 09:44 by ehouston

In the area I live in there are several grocery stores, two of which are Kroger.  Both are pretty much equal distance from my home, but one is new and huge and over the top, while the other is older, smaller and a little less in your face.  I call it the “Funky Kroger”.  It’s not that it’s gross or anything.  On the contrary, it’s quite nice.  It’s just that it is a mini version of the mega-colossal relative located on the other side of the ‘hood.  Both have excellent customer service, however Funky Kroger has something it’s younger brother does not; that would be total personality and the nicest employees on the planet!  Funky Kroger also employees a large number of individuals with disabilities, so shopping this store means you may not zoom right through the check out line at the end of you trip.  One thing you will end up with is an opportunity to have a lovely conversation with everyone you come in contact with from ringing you up, to bagging, to rolling your overflowing cart out to the car.  Actually, I noticed one day that your cart does not even need to be overflowing at all to have assistance, when I witnessed a kind bagger rolling one orchid and one small bag of groceries out for a patron.  All the employees here seem to really love what they do and getting to know their customers.  On more than one occasion I learned about what the grandchildren are doing, saw pictures of the kids in unfolded wallets and once I was offered a chance to buy a bed cover on the cheap for our old Chevy S10 pickup.  I still think the Mister should have taken that old guy up on his offer!  Anyway, I love going to Funky Kroger because you feel good about shopping there.  I have overheard several conversations while visiting friends and attending parties where other “new to the area” folks talk about how much they hate going to this grocery store.  It’s sad, but they don’t like going for all the reasons I described enjoying my shopping time there.  I guess it’s all in the perspective and since I don’t usually enjoy shopping I figure I can at least go some place where they make it more fun to be dragging the Little Dictator along while trying not to break the bank by buying up everything on the snack isle.  So, here’s to you, Funky Kroger!  May you always remain true to your heart.

When I got home from shopping today I found an email from Funky Kroger (or at least that’s where I like to think the emails are coming from) letting me know about their reusable bag designing contest.  I thought I would pass along the link since this looks like it could be a lot of fun to enter.  Plus, you could win a $1000 bucks!  WhooHoo!

Happy Designing!

Kitsch Krafts

PS- Come back and leave a comment if you design a bag.  That way we can check it out and vote for you!  Good Luck!

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