DIY- Living Room of A 1960's Tri-Level

July 27, 2009 02:29 by ehouston

Since moving to a new home I have been reflecting on our past renovations to help me determine what will or will not work for our lifestyle going forward.  In doing so I have gone back to pouring through old photos and reminiscing a little at the trials and tribulations of the changes we made.  I thought I would share our living room mini-remodel.  I call it a "mini-remodel" because it really only involved simple cosmetic changes, but I think those changes made a pretty good impact.  Check it out....

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Before shots of the formal living/dining room and the stairs to the upper hallway.

As you can see the previous owners loved bright, lime green.  It's difficult to see in these photos, but the walls were actually tinted slightly lime green too.  I had thought that it was just the carpet color reflecting onto the light walls, but as I began to paint I realized that they had tinted the paint ever so slightly to match...nice!  In the first photo you can also see the pleated curtains in raw silk, also in green and with a cool woven 1960's trim bordering the edge.  Click on the FLICKR badge to see more "before" and "in-progress" shots of this room.
KitschDesigns' DIY- Formal Living Room photoset KitschDesigns' DIY- Formal Living Room photoset

Our mini-remodel of this space included pulling up the wall to wall carpet, which revealed shiny hardwood floors in near perfect condition.  In fact, when we got ready to sell the agents were asking when we had them refinished because they assumed it had happened recently.  Nope, we think the little old lady that lived here must have weighed 80 pounds and cleaned daily since there were no treaded down paths underneath and no dirt in the carpet as we pulled it up.  After the carpet demo we just painted the walls a neutral shade of light taupe and the bookcase and trim received a fresh coat of glossy white paint.  We removed the hinges and knobs from the cabinets, along with the drapery rods and spray painted them a hammered nickel before putting them back in place.

Since we were still broke and could not afford all new window treatments I removed the sheer panels and rod and replaced the freshly painted curtain rod at a little higher and wider location than before.  I removed the pleats and stiffener from the tops of the way to formal curtains, along with the funky woven trim.  I added fabric ties across the top and then used a ton of Rit Dye in dark green, mixed with dark brown for a deeper green color.  Yes, we hated the bright lime green in the original setting, but opted for deeper shades throughout our home down the line.  Strange, I know.  Once those were the right shade I hung them back up sans any blinds or sheers since this room received a good amount of light, but was not to hot during the day and did not need any privacy.

So, here are some of the realtor shots showing the finished room just before we moved.  It had been neutralized a bit for showings.  You can see at this point the coffee table was switched out for a smaller version, a carpet was added for softness and the furniture received some much needed new upholstery in shades of deep blue.  We also built some stretcher frames and created "artwork" from some cool vintage green and blue mod fabric.  The mirrors remained in their original spot, but the handrail was removed for a cleaner look and the vintage family photo montage was added in the hallway.



Thanks for looking!

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