Traveling Now Equals Moving

June 16, 2009 09:19 by ehouston

I know I have mentioned several times that my travel schedule has been very hectic over the last few months and clearly the lack of regular blog posts backs that up as well.  Just to get everyone up to speed on mi vida loca, we are now getting ready to move to a whole new state!  The Mister was offered a nice opportunity and we have decided to take the leap, so to speak, and just see where life takes us next.  What that has meant is a sudden surge in activity.  First, the Mister is pretty much gone to the new city Monday through Friday and I see him only on the weekends- yuck!  That has meant lots of time in airports, layovers, canceled flights (he has the worst flying luck of anyone I know) and tons of hotel food.  Second, we had to finish the million DIY projects we had going as soon as humanly possible so we could get our current home on the market- not exactly the best timing, right?  And, third, we had to find a home in the new location primarily using the Internet and the Mister's "so-so" camera skills as he viewed homes in between meetings while in the new state.  He then brought the images back to me to try to determine if the home was fit or not.

It has been a crazy ride so far, but we have managed to sell our home in Nashville, TN.  We priced it right (meaning a little low) and had an offer within a week.  The hard part was wading through the relocation process (meaning loads of paperwork!) and the inspection contingencies-ugh!  But, I am happy to report we are done on this end of the move and are just waiting until the date the movers come in to clear this place out.  Also, we were excited to finally find a nice home with the little bit of extra room we were craving now that we are going to be a family of three.  Our offer was accepted and we are now just working through the inspection contingencies there.  Please pray that everything moves quickly and we are down to final signatures by Friday!  If we get to that point by that day I (and the Mister) will have such a weight lifted.  I have learned through this process that it's really hard to make a move out of state in a short time frame, and also hold on to your sanity.

So, now that I have spilled all my boring personal news I would like to thank all of you that have hung in there hoping for new crafty posts, only to get more of "my life" posts instead.  Please, please do not give up on this blog yet!  Since I cannot really start any fun projects because half my stuff is packed up and being stored in the garage right now, I planned to work on my DIY project posts for the Nashville, TN home.  It's funny how right when you get your home to that perfect state of being you have to turn around, sell it to someone else and leave all your hard work behind.  I just hope that the new owners love what has been our humble home for about 7 years now, as much as we have.

Kitsch Krafts


                                                                                                                                   Nashville, TN....Good-Bye old tri-level friend...


                                                                                                                                  Hello, new cozy colonial!  Can't wait to decorate you....




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