2012 Pinterest Challenges I Actually Accomplished : Post #1

January 8, 2013 10:21 by ehouston

Much to my extreme embarrassment I will admit right here and right now that my original, self-imposed Pinterest Challenge involving the frame collage in the shape of a heart remains unfinished.  I will say that it is at least mapped out on the wall and about half the frames are hung.  They still do not have any of the final photos added, but we are getting there.  I hope….

Since that project turned out to be such a bummer, I decided to share posts of a few projects inspired by things I saw on Pinterest, that I actually finished.  Just for fun, I will be including the failures along with the successes, so enjoy Post #1!

Halloween Door Décor

That’s right, I said Halloween!  What did you expect after a nearly 6 month hiatus?  Seasonally appropriate posts- hahahahahahahahahahahaha………..  But I digress……

I pinned this cute pumpkin idea from

Gauzy-Glow Pumpkin

Then talked to a friend about it a few days later.  She mentioned how the gauze on a wreath might make for a cool mummy inspired door decoration.  On the long ride home from that visit with her I had plenty of time to think and ended up deciding to go for the door décor instead of the pumpkin.  Thanks for the idea, Whitney!

While browsing the $1.00 bin isle at Target I found these small foam wreath forms sold in sets of three.


Combined with some muslin that I had in my fabric stash, I figured I could come up with some mummy rags.


Tearing 2 inch strips from about 2 yards of muslin proved to be just the right amount of clothes for these guys.


I wrapped, wrapped and then wrapped some more.  During this part of the process I also wrapped the three together in a layout that I thought looked right for our front door.  I secured the ends with glue and added sewing pins at the ends of the pieces that held the different rings together just for extra security.


I dug around in my button stash for some extra large eyes.  I ended up using dark green, brown and black 1.25 inch buttons for these goofy guys.


After wrapping the fabric around each wreath I just wrapped random strips around the wreath centers to help create the rest of the faces.  This takes some rearranging until you get just the right angles for the look you are going for.


Once I thought I had it all figured out, I glued the buttons in place.


The resulting wreath is a bit more jovial than scary, which is pretty much what we are going for around here with the little ones.


So, here is the first success I had in a while with Pinterest projects and it got some good laughs during the month of October.


Kitsch Krafts

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Pinterest Challenge : Must You Mock Me?

January 27, 2012 06:56 by ehouston

Don’t laugh too hard.  I am still working on this project.  Really, I am!  It’s all just in stages.  Yep, that’s the story I’m going with.

Pinned Image

(from Milly Bee)

Pinned Image

(Heart Shaped Photo Collage, I believe from the blog, Click It Up a Notch.)

I finally pulled together enough frames to get the size and basic shape I was looking for.  Since I did not go with all the same sized frames, as in the inspiration photo, this presented a whole new challenge I had not even considered.  Big DUH, over here.


And then I changed it all…


…several times.

I’m still not settled on the middle frame, but the size of this one seems about right.  What I am not settled on is whether I will go through the pain of painting this one or just shell out the cash for a new frame.  I will definitely need to purchase a custom mat for the handprint picture, so I am leaning toward being cheap and just painting what I have.  The time needed to paint everything for this project is what really slowed me down with this whole challenge.  I started this project just as the weather began to get cold, so I felt I did not have a choice in painting by hand versus spray painting (I have to do all spray painting outside in the elements).  If I had known then how many warmer days we would still have left in the year, I never would have pulled the can and brushes out in the first place.  Lesson learned.  Now back to whether I can stomach painting that middle frame, or just throwing in the towel to buy a new one???  I’m thinkin’, I’m thinkin’.


In the end I nixed the idea of all black and white shots and here is why.  First, there are a LOT of frames to fill here!  Second, I have a ton of cute shots and artwork to put some where!  Since this arrangement is going in our master bedroom, and is all about family, I figured it’s the best place for all those sentimental things.


With an impending visit from the grandparents this coming weekend I had to make a decision on the layout which was on the guest room floor.  Or, risk another several weeks of frames stacked in the closet.  I think I am good with this and there is still a little space for adding smaller frames to round out the heart shape even more.  Although, I do kind of like that it’s not going to be a perfect heart.  So, they got post-its with numbers to aid in getting them back into this arrangement and I will pray I can get them on the wall in a somewhat smooth process.

Now, I will spend another whole bunch of time hemming and hawing over what to put where, just as I did about which frame looks best in which spot?  Once more of those decisions are made I will bore you guys with one final post so you can ooh and aaahhh!

Oye, remind me to pick a much easier challenge next time, okay?

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