Snow Day–2012!

February 20, 2012 08:35 by ehouston

We awoke to quiet serenity after the first snow fall for the season here in Richmond.  Lucky for us, and a lot of other people, it is a holiday and no one really had to be any where at any certain time, which is something I find to either make or break a good snow day.  Since it was the first time for our Little Guy to get out and actually enjoy the fluffy stuff we decided to make the most of it before the sun took it all away.


First, I tried making snowballs for him to throw.  All he did was knock them to the ground and stomp on them.  okay…


Then we tried to get him to do his best “Baby Gap”, but…


..he couldn’t keep the poker face.


So we made an impromptu sled and I gave him a pull around the yard.



One set of freezing fingers and…

IMG_1350 (2)

…three pairs of freezing feet!

Hope you are enjoying a day off and a winter wonderland of your own!

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