Getting Ready For The Big Purge

October 10, 2011 06:08 by ehouston

For old clothes, that is.  At the last minute I decided to jump on board with the consignment craze that seems to have overtaken the Richmond, VA area and try to sell some of my unused apparel.  I have a ton of work suits that I may or may not use again in the near or distant future.  I finally had to ask myself, “what’s the point of keeping clothes around that I have no use for, and will I even want to wear them when my time to join corporate America comes again?”  In the meantime all of my casual clothing is nearly threadbare and now that the bod is pretty much done changing since the Little Guy’s arrival, I have decided I can begin to replenish the wardrobe.  I was telling myself that I would wait until I got off my duff and did something about my growing middle, but since that has not happened and what I own fits less and less all the time I knew I needed to do something about it. 


(Just a tiny portion of the pile that has been accumulating around my desk.)

So, this week I am taking my trunkful of unwanted suits, jackets, slacks and sweaters to The Clothesline consignment sale.  Then I will begin praying that everything on my inventory list sells so I can go get some much needed new items to fill out my dwindling closet stock.  I have heard this is the best consignment sale held here in the Richmond area and since there are more sales to choose from than I have time to even consider, I am taking people at their word and saving my stash and my cash for this one big annual sale. 

Wish me luck!  Hopefully I will have more than my usual five weekly outfits really soon!

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