Ah, The Great Outdoors…At Outdoor World!

November 14, 2011 07:28 by ehouston

Yeah, this is about as close as I get to camping any more.  hee!  Outdoor World and Bass Pro Shop!  We headed up to Ashland, VA to visit with Santa and take advantage of their offer of a free 4 X 6 inch photo.  The Little Guy came across the Toys-R-Us flyer that arrived last week and has been going through it daily, naming what he wants.  Or, as he puts it, “What Liam wants!”  This third person thing is getting stranger and stranger as time goes on.  Anyway, he is obsessed with Santa, and Christmas, and he could not wait for the opportunity to tell the big man himself just exactly what he wanted.   So, we headed out with the address plugged into the GPS and thought our family fun day would start in roughly 30 minutes.

Well, if you love to drive around and around, looking for what seems to be an non-existent store, with GPS coordinates pointing you to an empty field in an industrial park than this was the trip for you!  Yep, we finally found the place about an hour and a half later.  You know, about the time we were all just completely miffed and ready to go home.  Lucky for us the thought of Santa awaiting the Little Guy’s list was enough to keep his momentum going.  The Mister and I just hung on for the ride since we had already come so far. 

This particular Bass Pro Shop is very large, with a second floor.  That meant a cool bridge to walk across and a glass elevator to ride in, both just across from the enormous fish tank- whoo-to-the-hoo!!  Plus, they have a restaurant with another huge aquarium and pretty tasty food.  If you are local and have not been out to this place, it’s worth taking a look, especially right now with Santa’s Wonderland in full effect!  If you have a short stack that is ready to visit the big man AND play games, drive a model train, color and make Christmas crafts, then add a drive out to the list.  Everything is free, including one photo with Santa, plus you can go online and buy more later.  We highly recommend this for a low-key and essentially free (unless you go nutty-crazy-eight-bonkers shopping in an outdoor store) family day.

Here are some photos from our afternoon of faux outdoor fun.


This part was close to topping the visit with Santa.  Driving a train- no words can describe the excitement!


Further up in line and he still wants to be driving that train!


This cracked me up because it has Bass Pro Shops in the middle and….


…fish in the background.  Hey, aren’t we supposed to be at the North Pole?


The long walk to meet the man himself.


After a brief moment of uncertainty be began to rattle off the list.  Although, it was barely audible because he was so nervous.

After our Santa meet and greet we headed across the store to the attached restaurant for some lunch.  And, while we waited we discovered a whole new side to Bass Pro Shop- Home Décor! 


I had NO idea!  And, YES, there was a matching couch and love seat!


But, it does get worse….


and worse!  To be fair, this would not be so bad if the deer part was removed.


I was floored.  They even had bath décor!  Those are embellished towels and different versions of camo shower curtains to the left.


And, place settings.  With all this camo how can you find anything?  Ha, right?  ugh!

I just could not believe all the things they had decked out in camo for the home and wondered who would buy these things.  Then The Mister brought up the obvious, people who own a hunting lodge maybe?  I guess he is right, but this stuff was over the top to me!  Accept this one thing that was mixed in with the furniture.


I think if you took this gnarled stump table out of the lodge/cottage/country setting it could be a cool rustic addition to a more modern space. 

All in all, we had a lovely time and the Little Guy feels better knowing that Santa is aware of his Christmas “needs”.

Kitsch Krafts

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Holiday Kitsch- Coming Soon!

October 21, 2008 05:45 by ehouston

Have you ever made something so cute you can hardly stand it?  Or, something you just like so much you are torn about giving it away or selling it?  Well, my latest projects fall into that category.  I found some vintage holiday fabric cut-outs at a thrift store a while back and although I normally would not have bought something like that, I threw them in the basket anyway.  I am so glad I did because I think what I decided to do with them turned out pretty nice.  I was thinking about all those pictures that my parents took over the years of the Christmas tree decorations and then the tree with all the gifts underneath.  And, of course, the tree, gifts and sleepy kids in PJ's picture we have from every Christmas.  I thought it would be funny to have an album of just those pictures and maybe even a couple of notes about the holiday that year.  It seemed like a cool thing to look back at each holiday to get your nostalgia on.  So, I used the vintage cut-outs and created these albums:



They have a sweet vintage red polka-dot fabric on the inside and the edges have vintage rik-rak inlaid in the seam.  My favorite part is how someone decorated the trees with sequins and beads.

I have also been working on some boxes that I thrifted a while back.  I finally decided to use some other vintage fabric and embroidered linen scraps to cover them and make keepsake or jewelry boxes to sell.  Here are just a couple:



I have been working away lately to get ready for a couple of local craft fairs that are coming up in the next two weeks.  No matter what I decide to create I keep feeling like I just won't have enough stuff to fill up a booth.  Then I am afraid I will kill myself only to have a surplus when I don't sell anything.  It's so hard to judge what will happen at a craft fair.  Then the pricing nightmare.  I know what I need to price my items at, but I also know that people are cheap and rarely want to pay for the work involved.  Whatever items are left over will be added to my Etsy shop after November 1st.  Wish me luck!

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