Crafting Cheats? Yes or No?

April 16, 2010 02:55 by ehouston

One of my first posts was about how crafting has changed so drastically over the years.  I sometimes miss the days when you had to actually craft the pieces to get to the final item you were trying to create.  Nowadays you go into your local craft store and if they don’t already have all the pieces cut, colored and pre-pasted they have a machine that does it for you.  While I sometimes eye these new fangled gadgets in the same way that Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” drools over the Red Rider BB gun, I usually walk away after I realize the price outweighs the amount of use it will get in my hands.  I had to stop, though, yesterday as I was surfing through the endless channels of nothing to watch when I came across a crafting segment on the Home Shopping Network.  Disclaimer: I for one, have never purchased anything from HSN, QVC or ShopAtHome.  However, I have received gifts from relatives and friends that swear by the deals they can get from these retailers.  So, when I say I stopped to look I should back up and say I was lured by the “call of craft”.  Let’s face it, HGTV and Style, as well as, DIY no longer televise any crafting shows so it’s rare indeed.  What the HSN segment ended up being about was this:


The Cricut Cake.  You may have heard of the other Cricut machines before,

which cut patterns in or emboss paper.

  The Cricut Cake does the same thing, but with fondant instead of paper. 

So, anyone can whip up a cake that rivals those on the Food Network’s Ultimate Cake Off. 

  (All images from the website)

I don’t know what it is about pink cakes, but they always make me hungry!

I have to ask, is this fair game in the world of crafting or is it cheating?  And, what about all those poor bakers out there?  Now even they have to deal with their craft becoming automated.  Sheesh!

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