It Is Still March, Right?

March 31, 2010 08:44 by ehouston

This month has flown past so quickly that I feel like I need to grab my head to keep it from falling off.  With the melting snow and incoming warmer days it seems that everything is coming alive here in Richmond, VA.  I have gladly left the house with the Little Guy to enjoy the great weather and get a little more acquainted with what the city has to offer in the spring.  Here’s a little recap:

Went to the Home and Garden Show at the Richmond International Raceway.  (I find the “International” part of that name funny for some reason.)  I was expecting an over-the-top flower show, home decor packed booths and lot’s of designer panelists.  What I ended up with was a lot of siding and gutter guard experts trying to sell their wares.  I was disappointed to say the least, but realized I had to stop comparing everything to what Nashville offered.  On the bright side I did end up finding a cabinet refinisher and a place to get inexpensive mulch .  Yeah!


Doesn’t she have the cutest font for her logo?  Plus,she seemed like a super cool lady, especially running such a tough guy kind of business and all.  That alone makes me want to buy from her.

The following Thursday I made my first trip to the “DC area” and went to visit a friend in Alexandria.  It was a wonderful time chatting with her and playing with her sweet young brood.  They seemed to have a good time playing with the Little Dictator too and he was all smiles.  On the way home I got to experience “DC area” traffic for the first time too.  yeah…  At least I got to see IKEA!  (Yes, I am one of the few people on this planet that loves cool, simple design and DIY projects, but has never set foot in an IKEA.  Go figure!?)

A week later I attended the Craftsman Fair at the same raceway complex and bought three great matted photos from a semi-local photographer, William Bell.  He and his wife own a little shop called Bell Gallery & Garden over in Floyd, VA.  Two of the photos are in process of being framed while I await the arrival of the third.


I can’t wait to get these up on the walls!

St.  Patty’s Day was met with huge helpings of a traditional Irish meal; corned beef, cabbage and potatoes.


I had to include the following shot, featuring a close up of the mini fruit tarte I purchased from The Fresh Market (that place gets me every time with their yummy treats!).  The Mister informed me that “they don’t have peaches in Ireland” (kidding), but I just said it’s too bad for them since we will be enjoying them with our “traditional” Irish dinner!  It was quite delicious!!


I also commemorated the holiday with a picture of our little leprechaun next to the one and only daffodil  that came up in our yard.  (the yard is so sad really….)


The following weekend we celebrated The Mister’s birthday with a ‘surf and turf’ meal hot off the grill, along with a home made key lime pie (whew, that was a new one to pull off!).  By the time  Sunday hit we were worn out, but there was more to come.  The last weekend of the month I decided to hit up yet another craft fair and attended the Bizarre Bizaar.  I had heard such great things about this particular event, but after checking it out I found it to be more “Hallmark Store” than a true craft fair.  Apparently the holiday version of this Richmond tradition is much better.   I will have to say that I miss when craft fairs required that the items truly be handcrafted and I am hoping that this summer brings some artisan fairs instead.  Not a bad time, though and I did score some great snack foods, including this concoction that you mix with Pinot Grigio for a slushy vino treat.  It is called Frappe Vino and it’s from D’Marie.  It is definitely odd, but I cannot wait to mix ours up this Saturday so we can stay cool while soaking up the sun our first spring day on the deck.

The best part about this past weekend was that I had spent all week with my dates off and I kept thinking we had one more weekend left in March.  Thank GOD I came to my senses because I had tickets to Wicked and it was the last day of shows here in Richmond.  What a bummer if I had completely forgotten about it and missed the show.

I really did not know what the play was about and was very surprised…in a good way, though!  It was pretty terrific!  And the theatre was beautiful….

The Landmark Theatre, Richmond, VA.  (This photo was found online.  The interior is really nice too, but unfortunately I did not get any shots inside.)

I don’t yet know what April holds aside from visit this Easter weekend from my mom.  I hope it’s as much fun as this past month, but maybe at a little slower pace.  So, what did you guys do this past month?  Have you been out and about in full force, enjoying the beginnings of great weather?  Or, are you still sledging along in the snow?  Any fun plans for the month ahead?

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March Treasuries Begin!

March 9, 2009 02:22 by ehouston

I have been working hard to help promote the Retro Handmade Etsy Team with themed Treasuries.  Of course, right now we are working with the upcoming St. Patty's Day holiday and looking for all things lucky and green!  Check out the latest Team Treasury.  It's green in more ways than one!


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