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February 17, 2011 13:02 by ehouston

As per the usual, Valentine’s Day cards were late this year.  I don’t know what it is about this holiday, but I always seem to just get my idea or project started when I should be sealing the envelops and sending them on their way.  This year I was stumped, then I got an idea and then the Little Guy refused to cooperate.  Idea down the tubes, Valentine’s Day cards still unfinished.  I kept trying to think of a new approach, but I just didn’t get there. 

Then on Friday the 11th we had a couple of little friends come over for a playdate.  We decided, yeah “we”, I discuss all decisions like this with the Little Guy and he usually agrees with everything Mom says.  And, that’s the way it should be, right?  He’s such a good boy!  We decided to have a Valentine’s Day themed playdate.  This basically meant I had an excuse to make pink iced cupcakes and gobble them up like a street urchin out of a Dicken’s novel.  Another brilliant idea that we discussed was making Valentine’s Day paintings for a fun activity.  Getting toddlers to cooperate with any craft is virtually impossible, but after reading several parenting blogs I had become convinced that they could at least make prints using cookie cutters.  It turns out that they could make prints on big sheets of paper with heart shaped cookie cutters, or rather us mom’s could make the prints while our little ones smeared the markings, ate the paint and generally goobered up anything within reach.  It was fun for only minutes and luckily one mom was an art teacher and helped us understand that our experience was completely normal.  Later, after the “paintings” dried out a bit the little ones added puffy heart shaped stickers to polish off their masterpieces.  Even with the slight tantrums after being told paint was not for eating, I think things went pretty well.  We each left the playdate with fun holiday artwork. 


Later I decided, well we discussed and then decided, to use the painting for special holiday cards for the grandparents.  In my craft arsenal stockpile I still had some unused cards and envelops.  With a little help from some scrapbook paper stacks we put together what I believe are some cute little greetings.  First I used some scalloped scissors to cut down the scrapbook paper to fit inside the front of the cards.  Then I created a template from junky cardstock that fit just inside the fancy-schmancy cut cardstock matt.  Using the template I was able to move it around the painting the Little Guy had created to find the best places to cut.  Basically I was looking for parts that had his little fingerprints, nice heart stamps and stickers that he had randomly placed. 


Once I had all the card fronts cut from the larger painting I used craft gluesticks to assemble the pieces.


Whoola!  Holiday cards via the Little Guy!

I then used colored pencils to write a simple greeting and let my tiny artist scribble his own signature.  I think the Grands will be happy with that!  At least I hope.

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