IKEA – My New Found Love

August 11, 2010 02:58 by ehouston

Last week I took a bow to the IKEA gods and all that amazingly cheap inspiration lining the shelves of the Woodbridge, VA store.  I was lucky to have an old pro to me guide through the maze of home products and help talk me through some design dilemmas.  Without her input and adept stroller work (while 8.5 months preggers and with 3 little ones in tow to boot!), I definitely would have been bogged down trying to maneuver through areas I am not currently focused on transforming in my home rather than getting to what I really need.  I also would have missed out on the deliciousness known as Swedish meatballs!  Not only did I get some ideas for future projects, but I found some cool and cute additions to our home.

This rug is exactly the size I have been looking for to help keep dirt down in the foyer and present a nice landing from the steps. 



It’s not exactly the style I had in mind, but the simple pattern and light gray color seem to fit in well with the neutrals of this area.  Although, this pattern does work toward my overall scheme to slightly modernize our traditional home.  We’re happy with the size, color, softness and of course the $19.99 price tag.  Go budget!

I was also thrilled to finally put an end to the lack of a trash receptacle in the powder room.  It took me a year, but I finally found exactly what I was looking for.


As you can see from this picture the wallpaper in this room is a bit over the top, although quite subtle compared with some of the other paper found in our abode.  I actually like the portion above the border and hope to add wainscoting to the lower portion of the walls in the future.  I also need to change out the shiny brass faucet, drain and toilet flush knob to brushed nickel, but I digress.  In the meantime I am happy to have scored this trashcan with a lid.  I know many of you are thinking, “what’s the big deal?  You can find simple brushed nickel cans every where and they are fairly cheap.”.  Well I have this thing about open trash cans.  I know they are common and there is nothing wrong with them, but I prefer a lid on my garbage.  Not only because I don’t want to look at it, but I feel compelled to empty the can when I see just a small bit of stuff in there.  It’s crazy, I know.


Anyway, I was super excited to find this footed, lidded version with a sweet scallop around the top edge.  And, for only $14.99 I was surprised to find that it had a hard plastic liner for the bottom, plus a plastic ring for the top edge.  You know, the kind that allow you to wrap a small bag around the ring, and insert it back into the can so that you don’t have to see the bag on the outside folded over the top of the can.  This one small purchase may just have been the highlight of the whole trip!  Love it!

The Little Guy also enjoyed a quick romp in the children’s toy area, gravitating to the kitchen set.  Of course my guide pointed out that the price was right and that he would be wanting one soon enough.  With his interest in all that I do in the kitchen I believe she is absolutely correct, but I was hoping to make a small kitchen for him instead.  We will see how that project fits in with all the others I have on the list, but I may be heading back for that, along with some of the fabulous home decor fabrics that were only $6.99 a yard.  WHAT????!!!!  Woo to the Hoo! 

I was happy to find some sweet bibs with the front “catchall” pocket, which have been great with the introduction of finger foods and a some super cute sippy cups that look like little weener dogs. 

FABLER Bib multicolor Length: 15

SMASKA Training cup  Package quantity: 2 pack  Package quantity: 2 pack

The Little Guy has been thrilled to spill milk like a pro with these new cups, plus they are helping him learn to work a cup without handles.  The kids/baby section of IKEA was pretty great and I wished I had made the trip while decorating the nursery.  I definitely got some cute “conversion to little boy’s room” ideas during this trip.

One thing I was not prepared for when arriving at IKEA was the food.  As I mentioned above, my friend let me in on the joy of Swedish Meatballs and I am a total convert.  The Little Guy was also excited to explore some new food textures with a free kid’s meal of meatballs, although he’s still not so sure about the mac and cheese.  A fact that his father (a self-proclaimed M & C fanatic) was greatly saddened by.  Now, for the bad side of the food at IKEA…my so-called friend also introduced us to the evil known as DAIM.


And, of course The Mister and I were able to make something so incredibly delicious even more sinful. 


I don’t know how we think of these things.  It it just comes naturally.  ;o)  yuuummmmm…

So, I will end my novel on my new found love.  I spent $89.00 total and ended up with the following list of items:

4’ X 6’ foyer rug

Small trash receptacle for the powder room

Set of 18 dishes in white

Set of 6 itty bitty spoons for the Little Guy

2 sweet little bibs

2 cute doggy sippy cups

1 grass mat for back door

1 bag evil chocolate covered toffee

Actually, there may have been a couple of other things too.  I just can’t remember it all.  I was pretty happy with this budget friendly shopping trip and plan to get some measurements together from our master bedroom so I can go back and take advantage of those great textile prices.  Again, I cannot thank my friend enough for guiding me through the maze of fun Swedish finds and for her expert advice on a couple of design questions I am working to answer.

Don’t worry Whit!  I will be sure to drag you along again next time we shop IKEA and maybe we will hook you up with a cheap meal (or 5) too.  hee!

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