Love Is In The Air...Doobie, Doobie, Doooo....

January 19, 2009 11:41 by ehouston

I have never been a crazed Valentine's Day fan obsessing over the perfect card or if I will be the proud recipient of a flower delivery while at work.  (Admit it, you know you love the long walk back to your office or cubicle, flowers in hand, when everyone gets to see how much you are loved.)  However, I do see the fun in some of the traditions.  For instance, because we never had a lot of money to spend wildly while I was growing up, my mom used this holiday as almost an extension of Christmas.  It gave her an opportunity to give us something else we might have wanted or needed, but my parents could not afford for December 25th.  I remember receiving a new winter coat one year, a sweater I had been begging for another year, and one time a bunch of tapes to go with the new pink Sony cassette deck I had received for Christmas. Yes, it was 1984!  So, although our gifting tradition was a bit far removed from the usual candy and flowers, it was a bright holiday during the dull winter months.  Now that I am married we always remember the day with a nice card and small gift, but our schedules rarely allow for the traditional dinner out.  That's okay with me as long as we at least get to spend some time together.  That's really all that I care about on this day of love anyway.

So, even though my house is not decked out and dripping in red, pink and white each year I cannot pass up on browsing all the super cute items that crafters come up with to celebrate the day.  Here are a few items that I wanted to share:


Set of lyrically inspired vintage image cards from The Spotted Sparrow.  I would have loved to have had these the day we pushed our little cards through the slots of our handmade desk "mailboxes" (shoe boxes covered in construction paper hearts and glitter) in grade school.

Hil-LAR-ious and loving all at once!  By Ellegant.

Cute robots in love for the geek in your life!  By P's & Q's.

I have also added some vintage Valentine's Day cards to both of my shops and will have more added before the end of the week.  Don't forget the keepsake boxes created from vintage textiles are still available!


Kitsch Designs vintage find card, Rocket Boy!


Kitsch Designs vintage revamp, Keepsake jewelry box.

I hope everyone has a good time planning their Valentine's Day fun!

Kitsch Krafts

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