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January 7, 2009 18:52 by ehouston

I definitely have the heart of a collector.  I love the visual impact of items in volume and I enjoy the hunt.  However, like some collectors I have a tendency to move from one new thing to the other very fact, often times very passionately.  That passion lasts for a short time and then I see something else that I MUST have.  What that means for my collections is that they tend to be a little on the light side.  I have ended up with lots of different smaller groupings of things I just "needed", at least for a short period of time.  A few of these clusters of like items sit around my home and some hide in boxes until I feel like bringing them out to ponder.  The other day I came across a few card sets in the back of a drawer that I had forgotten all about.  This is one of those collections that doesn't match, grew over many years, and is together simply due to the funky graphics.  I was not born with the ability to walk by a paper product at a thrift store or estate sale if it has a cool vintage graphic.  They fall into the MUST have category.  Here are a few of those must haves that I dug up the other day.


Pink and Black Poodle Bridge Score Cards, [maker unknown].  Yeah, when is the last time you played bridge?  Ever since I found these I have wanted to start a little bridge playing women's group.  I imagine us all gossiping over girlie cocktails while taking drags off of our cigarettes tucked into extra long filters.  This is definitely a dream because I have asthma and would turn blue if I tried this.  But, a girl can dream, right? 


Extra, Extra, Read All About It!  We are so impressed with ourselves that we are advertising the birth of our most gifted human being on the front page!  Either that or this is the Enquirer and the top story is about a giant baby roaming the streets drowning innocent citizens with huge blobs of drool.  You be the judge.  [Gibson Greeting Cards, Pleasant Thoughts line birth announcements]


Now, this is definitely the most politically incorrect card out of my collection and I hope I am not offending anyone out there.  This is a set of 10 invitations by Gibson and I would guess these are from the 1960's.


If you can get past the tacky stereotype you have to admit these are pretty funny little invitations.  For those of you that cannot see the tiny script: Front: Unga Gawa Ooba (You're invited to a Cook-Out), Inside: 'Cause we simply like good people.  Yes, they are are cannibals and they want YOU for dinner.  Sorry, folks, I just think these are hilarious.  Plus, they went as far as to add sparkly gold flecks to the jewelry, headwear and the female's skirt.  That's what I like, quality in my cannibal invites.


Last, but not least for the post today is a groovy teen party invite.  This is another one that I would guess is from the 1960's or maybe 1970's and it is an American Greetings Corporation invite.  It's hard to tell from this picture, but from the blond hair on the girl in the front up, the card is embossed.  So, her hair, and the folks behind her have a little dimension in addition to their crazy colors...fancy!


What's the best part of this invite?  The hip way in which they use peer pressure to get folks to come to the party.

I plan on posting these for sale in either my new Artfire shop or in my old Etsy store.  I am still undecided, but soon you will be able to grab some of the coolest flair for your funky paper projects.


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