News Headline: Possible Death By Craft Fair

October 30, 2008 01:56 by ehouston

At least that is how I am feeling this week.  One down and one to go.  I really do enjoy attending these events, especially when I meet great people and see other cool crafts.  I met several other Etsy sellers at the small church craft fair I attended last Friday and I hope to meet more at the event this Saturday.  These two were a hoot!- Lori Long and Megan Wilkes, owners of Happy Monkey Art.  They create clay sculptures of hysterical little scenes.  You just have to check out their shop to see what I mean.  Megan also paints and has another shop for her art called, Thru Aries Eyes.  Sarah Paddon, a jewelry artist, was there too, showing off really nice pendants necklaces.  Check out her Etsy shop Cottage Island Creations.

I have decided that prepping for a craft fair is a bit like getting ready for your wedding.  My husband and I planned and paid for our entire event, so maybe this is not a shared feeling with those that could afford a coordinator or had a mother that took over.  But, either way, I would guess that no matter how much planning you do it never seems like you have it all finished.  I keep running around and thinking of new things to make and then I have to remind myself that there is no more time.  Or, I realize there is another task I have to complete to ready what is done for the event and again I realize I am out of time.  Just like the night before my wedding, I reminded myself last night that no matter what, every little detail will not be exactly as I planned it.  And, that's all part of the fun, right?  Luckily I thought of that a couple of nights before this event...;0)

Here is my mini-booth set up for the church fair last week.  It was a family festival, so I just concentrated on my baby and kids items and advertised for the other fair I am attending this weekend.  I will have my full booth at the Saturday event with lots of holiday products, and I will add those pictures later. 


Stroller Blankets in Vintage Fabrics, Tooth Fairy Pillows from a Vintage Quilt, Changing Pads, Play Mats and Baby Quilts in Reproduction Vintage Fabrics, and Onesies, T-Shirt & Bloomer Sets, and Cap and Onesie Sets with Vintage Baby Images.  

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