Am I Wrong For Asking About This?

March 3, 2011 07:42 by ehouston

About a week ago we received a notice from the company that manufactured our fairly new heat pump stating that they were sorry for the inconvenience caused by the faulty equipment, ie: the thermostat.  I read over it quickly and then moved on to other mail.  A little while later a thought popped into my mind, “what faulty equipment?”.  We had been told, quite clearly, that the original installers had forgotten to make a correction to how the thermostat operated by creating a link to our old gas system, which was there to act as back up heat.  In other words, a repair guy had come out to our house a couple of months after installation to fix something that was done incorrectly by their installers.  So, this got me to thinking….billing a large company under the guise of replacing broken equipment covered by the one year warranty is just plain fraud.  Now, I don’t normally get into these sort of things, but I think I have taken all I can stomach of the “big companies” are all lying, cheating, SOB’s that don’t care about their employees.  Having worked for some of those companies in the past, I do have a bit of insight from the other side of the spectrum.  And, while I do feel that large corporate entities often scam and take advantage of “the little guy”, there are many, many times when it’s the other way around.  Let’s face it, some of this country’s biggest problems are due to our social, sorry make that charitable, organizations becoming broken over the years because “the little guy” learned to work the system and is going way beyond just taking advantage.

Okay, I will get off my soapbox and get on with the story.  I was totally compelled to call and just ask why they would bill the manufacturer for their mistake, even if they felt justified because it was during the first year warranty phase?  Of course when I called I got the seemingly intelligent front desk girl who ruffled lots of papers, put me on hold several times to “ask the supervisor” and then finally came back to tell me, “that’s just how they have to do it”.  I probably should have just played dumb, but I couldn’t help myself.  Again, I had to ask, “well, why would you send a bill to someone else for something that was the fault of your installers"?  This time I got a, “let me have my manager call you back after we do a little research”, and that was that.  Here’s the kicker, I actually got a call back in about five minutes, from the warranty processor.  He admitted his mistake and told me I was a good Samaritan.   Wha-?  Yeah, right!  Total crock!  He is plotting my death right now, I just know it! 

Oh well, I just had to ask, didn’t I?

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