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June 29, 2012 00:05 by ehouston

Finally!  We got some artwork to complete our guest bath mini-remodel.  A couple of days after posting the big Reveal I attended the Richmond Craft Mafia spring craft event, called Spring Bada Bing!  As you can imagine there were lots of great things to choose from and I was a bit overwhelmed.  But, by the time we were getting ready to leave and coming back around to hit up some of the first tables we had seen I again found myself attracted to this print by ZouZou’z Basement.

Blue Peacock Limited Edition Print

Blue Peacock

It’s hard to tell in the picture above, but it’s actually a mixed media collage piece with paint and fabric.  I really liked the colors and the close-up and angle in which she captured the bird.  A little different than the usual focus artists have on just the tail.  I decided it would look nice in the guest bath, but unfortunately I had already spent my cash on other items at the event.  Flash forward about a month and my newly ordered print was sitting in my mailbox awaiting a frame.  After about a week of searching for something inexpensive and including a matt I realized the odd shape (12” X 18”) was going to require a more customized approach.  That’s when I wandered into Hobby Lobby to find a simple black open-back frame at 50% off.  Score!  So, for a total of $80.09 I had a matted, framed, and signed limited edition print of a pretty cool original piece.  Not too bad, I would say!

The second picture I have added to the space was a discovery the same day I posted the reveal.  Later that morning my son and I were out and about when we passed the ever enticing “estate sale” sign.  Of course, we made a beeline for the event, more to see the giant McMansion on the inside than anything else.  It turned out this place was full of neat artwork, however much of it was out of our price range.  On the way out, though, I discovered this little painting (or honestly it could be marker- it’s difficult to tell) with some bright flowers and birds.  I figured it would be a nice addition of even more bright color and at $12.00 I could not resist.


So, here we are with these two new pieces added to the otherwise pretty neutral space. 




I was hoping to find something for above the hand towel ring too, but no luck with that area so far.  But, the main walls that needed some lifting up are in business so I am calling this room done for now. 

How is your spring/summer decorating going?

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