December 2011 Recap

January 11, 2012 02:50 by ehouston

I will make this one short and sweet.  Since this past December consisted more of eating than anything else, I had very few projects to share.  We shopped, ate, decorated, ate, watched fun holiday movies, ate, visited friends, ate, entertained relatives, ate and then we even ate some more.  Sometimes we actually ate while doing those things too!  Impressed?  I’m sure you are beginning to see the cycle of the downfall.  Actually, with the Little Guy home 24/7 for two weeks and The Mister around a lot more for a little over three, I was hard-pressed to get much of anything done.  And, since they filled the gaps between their work and fun with questions to mommy regarding what will be served at the next feeding time I sort of gave up on any extracurricular crafty activities.  Ah, boys, gotta love ‘em!

But, here are the couple of little projects I did manage to sneak in during the month of December 2011:


A train-themed Christmas tree for the Little Guy’s room, complete with a handmade train garland.


And, who could forget the funny reindeer Christmas greetings that we constructed for my Little Man’s classmates?

Although this month feels like it is already flying by, I hope to accomplish at least three projects along the way.  We will see how things go, right?

Wish me luck!

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October Recap And A HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

October 31, 2011 07:24 by ehouston

I have been wanting to make these regular posts for a while now, but with only one under my belt so far about August, I figured October 2011 will officially mark the first opportunity to pull everything together.  In addition to a monthly recap I will be putting up a Project Page as an index for anyone interested in creating something they have seen here.  I hope you all enjoy my  attempts at website organization!

October 2011 in a nutshell:

I started this month out with a bit of environmentally sound inspiration after discovering GreenCraft magazine at my local Joann’s ETC. store.  While I have yet to create any specific item I spied in the pages, I definitely saw this as a jumping off point for my holiday gift giving.  I always try to add some handmade gifts from the heart and this year I hope to incorporate more recycled, or rediscovered, items as I like to call them.  Usually I reserve such things for smaller holidays, but not this year.  Get ready family!  I hope I don’t disappoint.  Open-mouthed smile

In honor of thinking “green”, I also tried out a local annual clothing consignment sale and managed to unload a few items during a big closet purge


While I did not make a monetary killing, I did pay for my consignor fee and all the purchases I ended up making for myself.  So, I broke completely even and learned that the sales are very hit or miss, but not to give up after just one shot.  My plan of attack for this coming spring will be to put in some of what I consigned this past month, plus a whole bunch of warmer weather items.  Maybe by this time next year I will have really whittled the pile down.  By the way, I only suggest this approach to someone that has a lot of closet space and no immediate need for cash or more storage.  Well, I guess I always have an immediate need for more cash!  But you get what I am saying.

We had tons of family fun this past month attending fall festivals, parades, a pumpkin patch and a trunk or treat.  You would think the Little Guy is all worn out and done at this point, but instead I just managed to create an activity monster.  It’s hard not to jump on the fall fun bandwagon when so many of these events are free, but I now understand those moms that talk about setting the bar low so things can only go up.  Genius, simply genius!

I talked a bit about my need to get off the carbs and professed my love of all things bakery related


Bacon Donuts

They say that admitting your problem is the first step, but the truth be known, I have been gorging myself on homemade artesian and other fruit breads ever since.  I know, I know, pathetic!  For those of you that love carbs too, I will be sharing that artesian bread recipe this next month!  Tease!  YEP!

I also lamented the discovery of my Nashville, TN Dream home finally going on the market.  This news still gives me a sick stomach and lump in the ol’ throat.

3120 Hunters Hill Rd, Nashville, TN 37214

Dream Home For Sale (picture courtesy of Elite, Nashville, TN)

I have spent many a day-dreaming moment placing our furniture in the rooms and redecorating the space to suite our needs.  The patio would be FABULOUS if I could just get my hands on it and all our friends would love to come to our parties by the pool!  Speaking of yard work, the last of the holly bushes was finally planted a couple of weekends ago and that part of the fall spruce up is complete.  Hopefully I will manage to get out there and pull all the hoses and flower pots in before too many more freezing nights.  I can’t believe it was snowing just a state away over this past weekend!

It appears that most of this month was about decorating, or really more about rearranging our existing décor, and using what we have in new ways.  I managed to pull together some much needed side tables for our family room, and this next month I will show you all how I solved my table tray issue with diaper boxes.  Yeah, more uses for junk!


I also performed some decorating miracles (not really, but we are very happy with the changes!) in the formal living room by just moving things around.


And, softened the hollow sound of our upstairs hallway by hanging up some of my favorite quilts, but with a little twist.


Wow, I guess I accomplished more in October than I thought!  Here’s to the next month and the million item and growing “To-do” list!

Take care everyone and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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