Am I The Only One?

September 26, 2011 06:48 by ehouston

Am I the only one who starts thinking about Christmas as soon as the weather begins to change?  I mean, I don’t even know what the Little Guy is going to be for Halloween yet and I am already worried about getting gifts together in time.  This year I plan to make most of what I give.  I love to give homemade gifts as much as possible, not only to give something from the heart, but because it keeps big dents out of our little budget. 


I have a few things started already, along with a few purchases for those folks on the list in which handmade will just not do.  Now maybe the goal should be getting everything that can be completed done before the end of the month.  HA!  We will see.

So, have any of you started your holiday "to-do" lists yet?

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September 27. 2011 04:27

Jennifer Harden

Hubby and I made our Christmas budget last Friday and I just might get my first gift today Smile

Jennifer Harden

September 27. 2011 05:24


Whew! So, I'm NOT the only one! Good for you.


September 27. 2011 11:38


Hi, as soon as September starts I am thinking of Christmas already Smile


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