An Unexpected Reminder of Home.

November 22, 2008 15:50 by ehouston

Among the many adventures I had today one involved finally getting over to The Hill Center in Green Hills to browse several shops I have been wanting to see.  One is the Anthropologie shop that opened up more than a year ago.  My love affair with this store started by catalog years ago, moved to the online shop and has now culminated in a drive to visit, in person, the wares that I drool over from afar.  So, whenever I am near a brick and mortar I try to make the time for a quick stop.  Today I walked into what seemed like a little itty-bitty version of what I have seen in MI and NC, but the further you walked in the more nooks and crannies you could find.  I really liked the styling they have going on this season.  Like so many things right now it had a very woodsy, 1970's vibe happening.  Of course I instantly fell in love with nearly everything I saw immediately upon entering the doors.  Then, my eye wandered to a nice little wooden box with some unassuming cards.  A closer inspection revealed that they were Gwen Frostic prints in a box set put together for the store.  I was amazed, tickled and my heart warmed a little when I saw this. 

The reason for the warm feeling is that Gwen Frostic prints come from the little town that I was born in way up in northern Michigan.  She created simple, but elegant drawings of the surrounding wildlife and then made prints of them for everything from wall art to mini purse-sized calendars.  Although she passed away years ago her little shop is still turning out these sweet little cards and all the other wares.  You can even take a tour if you want when you come through town. 

My favorite fat little racoon.  This is a rubber stamp you can buy.

Another cute stamp...the Bunny's Behind.

(Check out the site for more, and better, images of her prints.)

These cards have been a staple in my family for years. I can remember my mom buying just the right print and writing warm holiday wishes, or the sincerest of sympathy notes on Gwen's cards.  In fact, earlier this year my aunt that still lives in the area sent me a quick note on the cute little Racoon print card.  I am glad to see these cards are out there and the company is having success in a wider market, but no matter what big city these cards are sold in they will always say home, in a little tiny town, to me.

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