Bluuuue Mooon....You caught walking down the hall.....Without a robe on at all....

December 4, 2008 10:47 by ehouston


 Dear Neighbor,

     I truly want to believe that I did not bare all to you this morning, but I fear that my nakedness may have stopped you in your tracks momentarily while you were leaving for work today.  I just hope what you saw is not emblazoned on the backs of your eyes forever.  Oh the horror, I am sure!  I realize we live in smaller sized homes with just about an acre each, so although we are not right on top of each other, I know if we try really hard it's possible to glimpse life inside our four walls.  (Your new kitchen cupboards are beautiful, by the way)  I am sure you will never believe this, but I truly am an extremely modest person!  Although I will admit I have been known to walk the 6 feet from our hall bathroom down to our bedroom door in the buff once in a while.  My goodness, it is usually completely dark outside when I do this and if I don't turn on any lights you are none the wiser.  Unfortunately this morning our schedules were in sync.  Now, I want to believe that there was no way you could have seen me because you REALLY do have to focus and try pretty hard to see through the window, all the way across the living room and down the hall to catch a glimpse of anything.  But, I know that my nearly translucent porcelain skin can be like a gleaming, glowing lantern in a dimly lit hall.  I fear we will never be able to meet eye to eye again, but I will continue to wave across the yard when I get my mail and rub your dog's fuzzy snout when she comes over to greet me.  I am sorry, neighbor, I never meant to accost your senses in this way.


Buck Naked

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December 5. 2008 05:41


Did you REALLY do this?!?!?! Too funny!!


December 5. 2008 10:38


Oh yes, humiliation is something I am very good at.


December 6. 2008 01:47


Oh my God, I love starting my day with a laugh. Thank You!


December 8. 2008 15:33

Niesz Vintage Home

Oh No!
I'm sure its happened to me before, too...but I prefer to live in denial. LOL

Kimberly Smile

Niesz Vintage Home

January 2. 2009 14:06


OUr old neighbors kd (who lived behind us), told my son one day that he saw me walking in a t shirt and undies past the window. Needless to say, I keep the blinds and curtains closed now! lol.


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