Christmas In January–Comes To An End

January 11, 2011 09:11 by ehouston

I know, I know…FINALLY, right?  I haven’t received a comment from anyone in so long that I have determined I must have bored you guys to death.  I hope not, because I wish you all the best for the coming year.  :o) I just wanted to sneak in one last little post about our holiday and then we can stick a fork in ‘er ‘cause she is done!  We, I should say “we”, decorated faux gingerbread houses for the first time this year.  Actually, many, many moons ago I went to a party at a friends house and her mother had us make these little houses using graham crackers.  She showed us how to take the boxes the graham crackers come in and build a form, then using frosting as glue, you can add the crackers and other treats to build a candy house.  It was loads of fun and I never forgot about what a clever mom my friend had.  So, in an attempt to try new things with the Little Guy, with his help I put together the forms using old cereal boxes.  He actually did help me out by holding the tape and bringing it to me when I needed a piece.  Then I slapped together the basic foundation using graham crackers and then ‘nilla wafers for the roof.  After the frosting had hardened nicely we sat down to add all the candies.  He did okay placing the first few pieces, but once he realized it was all edible, it was over.  He just wanted to squish his fingers into the frosting, eat the crackers and shove as many candies into his mouth as possible.  Because we are still at choking hazard age I just had to pull the plug on the whole deal, but it was fun to try and I had a good time wrapping things up later that night.


(We have an M&M adorned home on the left, complete with backyard snowman, and a pastel gumdrop cottage to the right.  Another heaping helping of vintage glass ornaments are piled high in a vintage chip and dip combo bowl, sitting in between.)



After the holiday passed I started noticing bushes and fence lines disappearing.  I was just as guilty at pilfering a tasty bit of roof trim as the next, so one evening I just brought them to the kitchen counter and announced we could stop living the lie and have at them in the open.  What we learned is that the easy to grab stuff is so sweet, but most of the house had turned to stone.  Yummy stone, but stone none the less.

I also wanted to show the group shot from our holiday play date.  It was loads of fun!


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and let’s hope for a prosperous 2011!

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