Collecting: Vintage Chalkware

March 3, 2009 10:10 by ehouston

Over the years I have come across some pretty interesting pieces of chalkware and have seen some very cool collections in magazines and on-line.  Chalkware is not something that I come home with very often, but I do have a nice grouping of small fruit pieces like you would find in your grandmother's kitchen.  I have used them before on a kitchen window valance at a sweet little bungalow we rented years ago, but since moving into a bigger home they have yet to find a permanent display spot.  I have been thinking that I may brighten up the laundry room one of these days and just go to town with a vintage tablecloth and fruit chalkware theme.  But, that is another entry for the future.  In the meantime, I wanted to show my fruity fruit, plus some other fun pieces I have come across during my thrifting hunts.

Vintage Fruit.  Perfect for Grandma's red and white kitchen.


One of my favorite pieces and on permanent display in our guest bedroom.  My mother gave us this piece at our first year anniversary.  We think it may have come from a bookend set because it has a flattened back, but we are not sure.  I smile every time I look at this sweet, yellow with age, little couple.


I found this poodle piece at a local store a while ago and I searched diligently for a mate.  I thought these would be great in our pink and gray bathroom, but I never could find a match.  Oh well, I think this one may go in to one of my shops so someone else can add to their collection.


Vintage Chalkware Poodle Plaque

This is another odd piece I found while out thrifting.  I don't know why I grabbed it exactly because it has a very naive quality to it.  But something about the little golden star painted on the forehead was just to much for me to walk away.  I imagined a little girl picking this plaster piece out of all the other fun shapes while she attended vacation bible school or camp, or at some other crafty gathering.  She picked the horse because she had been wishing for a pony since she was three, and after reading Black Beauty she knew what color her perfect horse had to be. 



Vintage Chalkware Horse Bust Plaque

Then at the last minute she decided to crown her pet with a gold star just to make it a little bit special.  At least that's the story I made up about this one.

Do any of you have chalkware or plaster pieces that you collect?


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March 4. 2009 05:22


My fav chalkware are the vintage fruit wall pieces. I have several in my kitchen, it's red, white,and black with strawberry motif, so it all goes. I found a pair of pansy wall peices, I put those outside on our porch during the spring and summer. You're right the vintage couple is the cutest I have seen.


March 9. 2009 15:03


I love vintage chalk~


July 29. 2009 22:16

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