Collecting: Vintage Hankies

June 16, 2009 13:19 by ehouston

I have written before about my love of fabric and textiles in general.  One item that I had to put the breaks on collecting years ago are vintage handkerchiefs.  As many of you know, there is a hankie for every style or interest you could imagine and even some new and bizarre versions you come across once in a while.  Years ago my mom and I found a treasure trove of hankies that her mom, my Grandma Betty, had tucked away in her big cedar chest up in the attic.  We brought them home and they stayed in another box in our house for several more years before I decided to make something with them.   It wasn't fancy or a super original idea, but I laid them out on the diagonal with the corners overlapping, sewed them to a backing fabric and ended up with a super sweet and sentimental table runner.  I gave this to my mom on Mother's Day one year when I was in high school and almost 20 years later she still displays it on her grandmother's sofa table.

I have started back to collecting, but don't have the heart to cut what I find.  I have seen so many great ideas out there that I think I may be able to suck it up and start some hanky projects.  Below are some of my favorite items created from vintage hankies.


REFILLABLE LAVANDE POCHE by Pear McGee a fellow Retro Handmade Etsy Street Team Member.  I have purchased just the lavender inserts that she sells and they are heavenly!

I have always loved these State versions.  Vintage Hankie Pillow by Robin's Egg Blue.

Even Blythe is getting in on the vintage hanky fever.  Dress by Pomme Pomme.

I also got into the act with a couple of fabric collage pieces that included nice large graphic hankies.

Check out my Artfire Shop for more details on Circle of Flowers and Leaf.

Here is a FLICKR mosaic of a portion of my vintage hanky collection.
KitschDesigns' Handkerchief Collection photoset KitschDesigns' Handkerchief Collection photoset


Kitsch Krafts

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June 23. 2009 07:59

Niesz Vintage Home

Hi Erika,
Thanks so much for your kind words about our sweet Ubu. It has been a very hard couple of weeks, but it helps to know that others understand. Smile

I love your hankie collection! And those are some adorable projects. Like you, I have a hard time cutting them, but I may need to try mounting them for display.


Niesz Vintage Home

June 26. 2009 06:54

Melody Brown-Albers

Hi Erika!
How's the Baby room coming? I know you've visited my Etsy site, but I have hankie projects to see on my webite and blog also. I hate cutting them up too. I try to use ones that may be stained or holey that I can hand-embroider. (it covers a multitude of problems)Hope you stop by soon and chat!

Melody Brown-Albers

November 1. 2009 08:21

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