Collecting–Ornaments Part 1

December 9, 2010 07:55 by ehouston

Since the holidays are here and in full effect I thought I would take a moment to talk about one of my favorite things.  That would be hauling all the boxes out of the attic every year to decorate the tree- NOT!  Actually, after the hauling is finished my favorite thing involves looking through all the ornaments I have collected over the years.  Before I share my collection with everyone, though, I thought I would take a moment to feature some cute ornaments from someone else’s collection.  Who they belonged to, I will never know, but they are all pretty cool.


Just listed, Chimney Sweep for good luck!


Angel on sled, SOLD!


Fully jointed Pinochio.


Just listed, Vintage Train.


Child on Rocking Horse, SOLD!


Postman with letter


Birdhouse, SOLD!


Gingerbread House, SOLD!


Buggy with Baby, SOLD!

I don’t know the owners of this collection personally because I purchased a large box of vintage wooden ornaments from an estate sale about two years ago in the Nashville, TN area.  They appeared to all have been made in Germany and most were even marked.  Although I did not get the opportunity to know these people, I could tell from their home that they had travelled all over the world.  There were so many unique items that clearly were brought back as a memory from their travels.  Part of the reason why this collection seemed so special was because I know that they picked these out on a trip, brought them home and I am sure the family did the same thing we do every year….go through the ornaments remembering where each one came from and telling the story behind the reason for bringing that particular one home.

Even if I have to put off something else I always make time for going through the ornaments each year and to remember all the times before.  Do you guys have any traditions that must happen no matter what each year?

Kitsch Krafts

PS- The ornaments that are still in stock are listed at my Artfire shop, here.

PSS- Stay tuned for Part 2

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December 14. 2010 13:26


Neat German wooden ornaments. They remind me of the 60's.
I love the old 40-60's glass and some plastic ornaments.
I'll have some on my blog later. Hope you can pop bySmile


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