Crafty Finds for Christmas

November 24, 2008 04:44 by ehouston

As mentioned earlier, I did some shopping this past Saturday and one of the places I visited was the Centennial Holiday Craft Show at Centennial high school in Franklin, TN.  I did this for two reasons.  First, because Franklin, TN is home to the rock and country stars Nashville is famous for attracting, so this fair tends to be really big and over the top.  Second, because I was anxious to get my hands on one of the Owl Shadow boxes from White Cottage Designs.  I also wanted another opportunity to take a closer look at The Creative Jar's art pieces for some gift ideas.  I scored a lovely Owl box pictured below and cannot wait to find the perfect spot for it. 


I also grabbed a quirky little Shemic from Jodi at The Creative Jar, which I cannot show or I will ruin the surprise for the receiver.  Just click here to view her wonderful Etsy shop and a link to her blog is listed in my BlogRoll.

I also scored another great gift from a couple of ladies that weave scarves, shawls and knit the most wonderful sweaters.  There company is called Toll House Weavers and they are located in Unionville, TN.  Unfortunately they do not have a web presence, but they do run the craft fair circuit and can be seen at many different events throughout the year.

All in all the Centennial event seemed worth my time and the trip.  I came home with three Christmas gifts, a cool new piece for my own wall, some yummy kettle corn, and did not break the $100 mark!  I just wish I could have knocked out ALL of my holiday shopping.  I fear I will be out there on Black Friday this year, milling around with the almost unbearable crowds, just so I can keep my pocketbook in tact while pleasing everyone on my list.  Oh how I wish everyone I have to buy for was open to handmade!

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