Craigslist Progress Update #3

February 23, 2011 02:09 by ehouston

Roughly a month has passed since I first got serious about posting items on Craigslist.  Today I plan to go into my account and do some updating and reposting to get my items back up to the top of the list.  And, HOPEFULLY out of my house!  As posted here, at the two week mark I had managed to sell a suit, a patio chair and a display board.  Since that posting I have also unloaded two more of the patio chairs.  Although it’s not the major exodus of unused items I had hoped for, things are coming along okay.  Plus, it’s all for free.  The posting, that is.  One thing I will reiterate, though, is that unless you are okay with people showing up at your home, the process of getting the item to the customer is a real pain.  I have found a good local (and fairly close to home) spot for meeting up and making an exchange, but just getting to that point can be daunting.

I mean, I must answer 4 or 5 emails per interested customer before we ever meet up.  That is, if they decide to show.  Then there will be 2 or 3 more emails if they can’t come, or didn’t show, but still want the item.  Then, as I mentioned before, there are those lovely people that say they want what you are selling only to never be heard from again after the initial emails go back and forth.  Just this past weekend I was set to meet someone and they emailed me waaaaay after the fact to say they needed to change our meeting time.  They had forgotten that they needed to pick someone up from the airport a mere 30 minutes after the time we had set.  Well, the meeting spot we had planned is about 30 minutes from the airport, so the time they agreed to in the first place would not have worked at all.  And, who “forgets” that they have to pick up a visiting family member from the airport?  I let all of this slide not only because I wanted to sell that last patio chair, but also because you just never know someone’s circumstances.  Since I did not get the email until about 20 minutes before the new meet up time they were requesting, and I was not ready to leave the house, I agreed to meet them the next day instead. 

Change acknowledged, email response sent. 

No response to confirm. 

Check email later in the morning. 

No response. 

Check email no less than 10 more times throughout the day, but no return message confirming the change to the next day.  I even checked several times again the next morning up to the time we were set to meet. 

Then, suddenly, late in the day and HOURS after we were to make the exchange I finally get not one, but two responses.  The first one to say they had sent a response and waited at the designated place, at the designated time for 30 minutes only to leave upset and empty handed.  The second to let me know that I could sell the item to someone else.  (Well, thanks for your generosity!)  I searched all through my inbox and spam folders.  No email response from them…at all!  UGH! 

Another fun day with Craigslist!

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February 23. 2011 05:34

Niesz Vintage Home

I've thought about Craigslist, but I'm one of those that would rather not have strangers showing up at my home.
I've done "public place" pick up when I use to sell on Ebay, and thankfully, it always worked out without a hitch.
But, I appreciate hearing your experience, frustrating as it is, with the potential problems with the meet up.

Glad your making some headway on the clear out, though.
And hey, yard sale season will be here soon. Smile


Niesz Vintage Home

February 23. 2011 06:10


So true, Kimberly, so true! I just don't know if I can handle all the crazies you get with a typical yard sale. ;o) Once we get a little closer to that time frame I may change my mind, though.


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