Craigslist Progress Update

January 18, 2011 06:21 by ehouston

Zilch!  Well, to be fair I have had three inquiries but nothing has panned out.  I am attempting to sell all those wonderful bentwood chairs that I just got last spring/summer for my dining room. 


I had planned on coming up with a custom table, but ended up finding the perfect compliment to our Danish hutch and the price was outstanding.  So, the cool, modern, bentwood chairs are off to a new home….I hope.  I am trying to sell them for a fair (cheaper than you can get them through Target) price and unload them locally.  It seems silly to drive long distances to sell something under $50.  The day I listed them I received a response and an interest in all eight chairs.  Later, the same person wrote that they wanted to negotiate down in price.  Again, back to the fact that they are listed cheaper than you could buy them new, they are basically brand new (most have never even been sat on) and they are already assembled.  I was willing to come down a little, but did not hear back for another day after sending my response.  In the meantime, I had another customer inquire about buying six of the chairs.  They wanted to pay even less and stated they wanted to “start negotiations”.  Nego-wha?  Seriously PEOPLE!!!  They are CHEAP!!!  Please stop asking me to sell them even cheaper!!! Please!  It’s like the last time I had a yard sale and people were asking if I could do a better price on a quarter.  Yes, a QUARTER, for God’s Sake!!!  I get being frugal and I can roll with the best of them, but some things are just ridiculous.

Here’s the kicker.  After receiving the email from the second customer I decided to let the first customer know that I had another inquiry.  I had not heard from the first responder for a day and I just wanted to keep things moving.  Please note: I did not send multiple messages, I gave everyone time to get the emails, make decisions and respond.  My message was sent after plenty of time had passed.  That’s when I received the dreaded, “I can’t make a decision now because I am busy, so sell them to the other people” message.  UGH!  Of course, Mr. Negotiation did not want to actually negotiate after all and I never heard from him again. 

Then yesterday I got my third response.  Seemed like a nice guy, but he wanted to know if I could bring one and only one of the chairs to him up in Fredricksburg, VA.  Once in a blue moon I go up to Alexandria, VA to visit a friend, but I don’t have plans to head that way any time soon.  And, again, I cannot imagine driving over an hour away to sell something under $50.  I felt bad, but I had to let him know that I could not make that trip due to the low price of the chair. 

Please, someone, buy my chairs!!  Pretty, please!?!  I am going to give it about a month and see how things continue.  Again, I am thinking Craigslist is maybe not for me.  We’ll see…

Kitsch Krafts

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