Craigslist–Would Ya’ Gimme Some Love?

January 12, 2011 06:41 by ehouston

Have any of you out there had any luck using for selling and/or purchasing things?  I just tried for …oh, maybe the 6th time to post something for sale and I am getting the same result.  I get emails immediately.  Sounds good, right?  Well, the first time it happened the emails were obviously spam and I think maybe a virus, but my computer was protected.  The second and third times were much like the fifth and sixth times.  I got an, “I want to buy your item.  When can we meet?” email and then after sending my reply I never heard from them again.  I am trying to give the latest customer a chance.  I hope that her delayed response has to do with being busy at work and maybe she will respond later tonight.  I really hope so because I want to unload my goods, and FAST!  As far as buying, I tried once to get a piece of golf equipment and it took the guy a week to respond to my message.  By then I had purchased what I needed elsewhere and moved on.  He even spammed me months later with other products he was hocking.  I am beginning to think Craigslist is just the dregs. 

Please tell me about your experiences.  Any tips or tricks to getting your item noticed?

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January 17. 2011 04:55

Jennifer H

We've had good luck using it. Hubby sold a truck and my daughter has bought several things from it. Because it's free I think you have to wade through some garbage though. Good luck!

Jennifer H

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