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December 18, 2009 14:46 by ehouston

Is anyone else out there enjoying a plethora of comments lately to their blog posts?  I noticed that I was suddenly being bombarded by what initially appeared to be kind and encouraging comments.  Then I started to notice that they would end with some not so constructive criticism.  I also noticed they were coming from people I did not know with sites for clothing companies and cash for your car title stores.  I have been wondering how they even came across my little piece of the blogosphere to bother me with their incredibly rude spam.  When I first noticed the additional comments I started to go back and delete them all.  Then I realized that was going to take forever and frankly, their hitting my  site and making comments only boosts my ratings out there in the search engines.  So, I guess I should be thanking these spammers, right?

Anyone else having fun with crazy comments?

Kitsch Krafts

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December 19. 2009 10:31

Niesz Vintage Home

Yes, I was getting hit with some spam comments as well. And mainly on older posts that come up often in google searches.
I just changed a setting on my blogger that doesn't allow any comment made on a post older than 6 months until I approve it.

My worry is that their site link is somehow infected, and I don't want any of my real visitors to hit on it by mistake. Not sure if that's even possible, but I figure better safe than sorry.

Kimberly Smile

Niesz Vintage Home

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