Crazy Neighbors And Mondays Always Get Me Down – Update

May 11, 2010 02:53 by ehouston

After several encounters with the neighbors I finally had an open opportunity to mention that we did not appreciate the piles of yard waste that they raked up onto our property.  It seemed like I was never going to get a chance to say anything without bringing it into the conversation from left field, and of course I did not want to create undo tension between us all.  Based on some of the comments and private emails I received regarding the last post (found here) I wanted to be sure to state that we are not fighting with our neighbors.  Most of the tension and issues we are experiencing are being internalized by me and The Mister.  The reason for our agony and for my reaching out via this blog is that we DON’T want to fight with our neighbors.  So, after receiving advice from many of you and discussing it with the Hubbs, we decided we needed to be direct, but wanted to avoid going over to bring up the issue.  We figured with how often we see them the opportunity would present itself to discuss the issue at hand. 

Well, after many, many encounters I finally got a chance to mention the “piles” yesterday afternoon.  By the way, the two piles have since turned into four, and more rocks have been piled up in the same location behind a large tree (out of their view, but fully in our view) that I had already cleaned up earlier this spring.  The funny thing is that once the Missus next door brought the conversation around to that particular area and I jumped in with my comment about how ‘we had noticed some piles of yard waste left out our property"’ she immediately (before I could barely finish my sentence) stated that they had not been able to get them yet due to their garbage being to full, but that they were working on it.  I was happy to have gotten through that conversation quickly, unscathed and with making myself clear on what we expected with the yard upkeep on both sides.  The only thing that bugged me about her comment is that they own two extra large bins big enough to hold several bodies (which is why I left all comments to myself) that are picked up each week…so, her reasoning was just silly.  Anyhow, the deed has been done.  Now, on to the next issue.  Yes, she brought up something else when we were talking yesterday, which I learned was the main reason for her visit over the fence.  They have found more trees in our yard that they think need to be cut down.  UGH!  I  have decided to call the county to use their free tree service.  They will send out local volunteers with Master Gardner/Arborist certifications to come and help you determine if a tree is well, sick or ready for the chopping block.  I have a hard time trusting my neighbors on this issue since they came over last fall and stated that they “hate” oak trees.  My whole yard is full of oaks and the trees they keep telling me need to go have all been oaks…some of which look fine.  So, we will just have to see what the experts say.  (She also offered to send her husband over with the chainsaw to take care of them for us.  How nice.)

On another note, completely outside of the gardening issues, our neighbors offered up a bunch of info to the Census lady last week.  Apparently, our completed census form was not received and a rep was sent out to our home.  The rep came by when we were not there, so she took it upon herself to go to the neighbors for information and well, they gladly obliged.  In this day and age I am shocked that I have to tell someone that you don’t give out personal information to anyone that comes to your door.  Certainly not personal information that is not yours to give, along with the best time to catch us at home.  Why not just give them the key and tell them which rooms have the TV and computers?  So, on to conversation number two. 

Will it ever end?

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