DIY : Guest Bath Room - In Progress : Lighten Up, Why Don’t You?

March 13, 2012 07:12 by ehouston

That’s exactly what I have been attempting in the downstairs guest bathroom.  Then, after giving the walls one coat of the Oops paint that I found at Home Depot I was beginning to understand why the color was considered a mistake in the first place.  UGH!  There is nothing more frustrating to me than getting a paint color on the wall only to discover it is not what I really envisioned in the first place.  As you have read here before, I have been known to try several full coats before settling on a color.  Even with up-teen swatches painted all over the walls I am still really good at picking the wrong color.  I guess I need to jump on that Colortopia bandwagon that all the other bloggers are talking about.  One day…one day…when I’m not up to my eyelids in painting, that is.  ;o)

So, the color is up and my first worry, that it was to similar to the orangey trim color, is a thing of the past. 


At first I was getting an overwhelming orange poo-ish sort of vibe, but as the color dried and darkened it definitely took on more of a chocolate milk look.  It’s difficult to see a true color in any of these shots due to the bad lighting in the room.  Plus, I had The Mister take down the lights above the vanity so I could paint more easily and that has created all the brightness and comfort of a cave in there.  It’s amazing that I haven’t managed to get paint every where but on the walls during this paint job.


Next to the vanity, the color is definitely not to orange based- YEAH!  On the other hand, the color is much darker than I thought it would be. 


Don’t ask me why I thought it would appear lighter.  I am starting to think I might need to have my eyes checked.


In the middle of the first wall I almost stopped and went to the store to find a new shade.  But I decided to finish, give it time to dry and let The Mister see it before making any major decisions about changing the look…again.  Hey, it’s still a far cry from this…


…so I guess I should be happy with the changes so far.

On another note, we convened about the vanity color and it was decided to use gel stain and go dark.  My only concern now is that between and really dark vanity and the darker wall color we will end up right back where we started; a room without a view in a basement.  Since my pregnant body is not withstanding much physical activity this time around I am praying the color choices go over well with the hubs and I can wrap this project up over the next week.  Let’s face it, we can always paint the walls again another time if we never warm up to the color and it’s much better than the posh circus tent we had before.

Okay, on to nap time.  ahhhh…

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