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March 5, 2012 07:36 by ehouston

As I reported last week, the guest bath remodel/makeover is underway.  After very little discussion with The Mister (he worked most of the weekend) I have decided to move forward with the beige wall paint, white trim and darker cabinets.  I am considering antiquing them first to see if I like it.  If not, then I will move on to full coverage with gel stain.  I believe a nice, deep stained look to the painted cabinets can go a long way in a newly brightened bath.  We will just have to see.  Right now the wallpaper paste removal is still a work in progress.  More on this project later.

I have been sidetracked in my remodel planning process since last Thursday.  That is when we found out our new little one will be a girl.  Yeah for a swing with a  different bat this time around!  Yikes, for all the newness and challenges we face.  All in all we are super excited.  But, of course that brings us full circle to a grand bedroom remodel.  I knew the spare bedroom had to move from lavender and flowers to something a bit more in tune with a very young boy, but I still was not sure much needed to change in our nursery.  Now it looks like we need a complete overhaul! 

Actually, I am thinking of some subtle changes in the nursery, as well as the spare room.  Even with the small things that need to switch up, I am utterly exhausted just thinking about all that has to happen between now and the due date.  AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!  Again, my sidetracked mind can only seem to focus on the next fun project that lies in wait.  I have been searching Pinterest for inspiration, but I think I have a pretty good idea of how these makeovers will go down.  One thing is for sure, the Little Guy’s bedroom will soon house a lot more of his toys, as well as, his pint-sized table and chairs set from IKEA.  Which, by the way, is looking really rough now that it has even more scars from the Crayola battles.  Sir Google brought up some neat images of how other people transformed their IKEA table and chair sets, so I think before popping our sad set into the new space I will give it a quick makeover too.

Pinned Image


A little too sweet for my guy, but in the realm of possibilities.  With all the marks on top I’m afraid there may be bleed through if I just paint.  The idea of actually covering the top with paper or fabric seems like a better bet.

Pinned Image


Very cute idea and I love that the writing supplies are contained.  Not sure that chalk is something I want all over the surface all the time, though.  Plus, I was planning a chalkboard so….

Pinned Image


Nice, simple, straightforward.  Just paint it with nice colors and a cool pattern.

Pinned Image


I really love this idea a lot and had planned some similar wall art for the nursery that never materialized.  Even just a map decoupaged in place would be pretty cool.

Pinned Image


This last one is really fun and the before shots look quite similar to our set.  The only thing is my Little Man would rip every last bit of this masking tape right off in one sitting. 

There are plenty of ideas out there, I just have to pick or come up with one.  And, soon!  We have walls to paint, bookshelves to find, beds to upholster, pillows to make, lighting, window treatments.  As usual, I am biting off waaaaayyyy more than I can chew!

Say a little prayer for me, ‘kay?

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