DIY–A Child’s Office

June 6, 2011 23:11 by ehouston

In an effort to keep the Little Guy occupied (and out of my lap) while I work at my desk, I installed an office area just for him.  For a long time I had been plotting ways to incorporate magnetic paint into some key spots around our home.  There is a nice spot for a magnet board in the kitchen, one near the back door (for notes and reminders on the way out) and the wall space of the Little guy’s office.  Since we are far from completing the office space and one side (I won’t name, names regarding which side) is in total chaotic half-unpacked shambles I am only sharing the little area that I completed for our wee one.  I started by using blue painter’s tape by Scotch to mask off a rectangle that used to be behind The Mister’s desk and is just under our white board.  I painted that space with the magnetic paint first.


This is just he basic stuff from Rust-oleum you can get from the home improvement store.  I could only find the kind that was intended as primer for under a chalkboard top coat.  I would have loved to have added the chalkboard coating too, but since this space is shared with our computers we figured the addition of chalk dust would be a bad idea.  If I ever get around to painting the spot in the kitchen that I have in mind, I will probably add the chalkboard top coat for a bonus!


It took three light coats, as the packaging suggested and it smelled to high Hades!  In fact, this space is just down a small hallway from our master bedroom and at one point The Mister asked if we were going to die in our sleep.  I never imagined painting such a small area, with all the windows open and a nice breeze coming through, would leave us with such a stench.  This is all to say, “Warning!  Do this with lots of ventilation!”.  When planning this project, months before actually getting my hands dirty, I had intended to just cover the magnet board area with the same paint as the wall color.  But, since we are no where near finishing this room right now, I just topped the big black rectangle with leftover blue paint from the nursery.  That calmed down the visual abyss and made for a smoother finish.

Once everything dried and we got the bird out.  Yeah, we ended up with a bird in the house during the drying time.  It’s a funny story actually.  I was showering while the Little Guy was watching Sesame Street and as I was finishing up I heard him walk into the bathroom and say something that sounded like “bird”.  As I turned to ask him, “what did you say?”, a bird swooped down and flew right over his head.  He looked at me and said, “Bird!”, clear as day.  That’s what we get for not putting our screens up yet!

For a fun addition, I put up a couple of those hooks from Command, that have the sticky stuff that won’t ruin the walls during removal and tied a doubled up clothesline to them.  This created a place to hang his alphabet cards and has been a big hit so far.  Shortly after I finished the painting I found a chair and table set from IKEA on Craigslist for $30.00.  It was nearly new and he really has enjoyed using it to color, play and make look really old, really fast.  I can’t seem to get him to understand that coloring is supposed to happen on paper, not the tabletop.  Oh well….at least he isn’t going to town on the walls…yet…  Actually, once he gets the destructive coloring out of his system I hope to paint the set to give it a nicer finish.IMG_8414

Sorry for the blurry shot.  I could barely catch him standing still long enough to even get him in the picture.  The magnets he is currently using were created many years ago by affixing funny magazine cut-outs to sticky backed magnet paper.  These were for covering ugly rental property refrigerators when I first moved out on my own.  He has enjoyed them, but we really need to move on to something a bit more interesting to him.  I know we will find the right thing sooner or later.  We even have a mini laptop that he likes to play kid games on while I type away at my desk.  Babysmash is his long time favorite if you want to check it out.  Also, it’s pretty clear he gets his organizational skills from his dad’s side.  As you can see in the shot above, he has thrown stuff every where around his desk.  I think it makes him feel more at home with the rest of our disaster zone office.  Oh well, I am working on organizing my space too, maybe I can get him to tag along.  ??

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June 7. 2011 01:56


This looks great! You're right about your little guy looking older...still just as cute as ever! And I love the little table and chair set. It's just perfect.


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