DIY–Dining Room Lighting

December 1, 2010 09:13 by ehouston

So, we have ended up here again…


Although we really loved the IKEA light that I put up about a month ago, it just felt to big.  No matter how much it had grown on us, we had to admit it seemed to be pushing the limits of the space. 


Plus, a week after purchasing the PS Maskros ceiling light I found out that IKEA had just come out with a smaller version.  Open palm, hand to forehead and in the words of Homer Simpson, DOH!  So, I disassembled the beast and drove up to Woodbridge, VA to make the exchange.  I guess they measure things a different way in Sweden because the smaller version was supposed to be 22 inches as opposed to the 32 incher that we had already tried out, but it looked itty bitty.  So small, in fact, that you would really need two or three to have any kind of impact in our dining room.  They also did not have the other new fixture I had seen online, the PS Vava

IKEA PS VÄVA Pendant lamp natural Diameter: 21 " Height: 8 " Cord length: 5 ' 11 "  Diameter: 53 cm Height: 19.5 cm Cord length: 1.8 m

We looked all over, but could not find it.  So, with our stomachs full of meatballs and lingonberry jam we hung our heads and left the store in a bit of a huff.   I was SOOO disappointed!

Despite the lighting let down this shopping trip was not a total bust.  My mom came along for her maiden voyage to IKEA, so that in itself was  a lot of fun.  She also helped Santa out and bought the Little Guy the DUKTIG mini kitchen as an early Christmas gift.

DUKTIG Mini-kitchen  Width: 28 3/8 " Depth: 15 3/4 " Height: 22 7/8 "  Width: 72 cm Depth: 40 cm Height: 58 cm

He has already learned that he can remove the sink and then throw things down into the cupboard below.  Things like, real food out of our pantry, or the telephone, or the remote control to the TV.  It’s always a scavenger hunt with a 15 month toddler running around this joint!  At least for the time being I can pretty much guess where he is keeping his booty.

I was also thrilled to score the fabric (KAJSASTINA) for our bedroom window treatments. 

KAJSASTINA Fabric gray/white Width: 59 "  Width: 150 cm

On our last adventure to IKEA I was almost in tears to find out that they did not even have enough fabric for one window, let alone two and a hall pass-thru curtain.  I was so afraid that they were not going to get any more since they had a bunch of stuff marked “Last Chance”.  Luckily this time they had plenty and I was able to check this item off my “Stuff We Need” list.  Although the bedroom DIY project is a long way from even being started I have yet to find any other window treatment fabric that I really like and that The Mister likes too.  Also it was only $6.99 per yard, so you can’t beat that!  Well, you can…it was another early Christmas gift from my wonderful Mommasita!

Okay, so back to the issue at hand, the dining room lighting.  We decided to go for the Bel Air Lighting 6-light Chrome Traditional Chandelier from Lowe’s and I hope to install it soon. 

Bel Air Lighting 6-Light Chrome Traditional Chandelier

I started taking the pieces out of the box yesterday, but realized it might be to heavy for me to put up all alone.  I am thinking I better wait until The Mister can help me out this weekend.  As soon as we get the light installed I will post some shots to find out what you guys think.  It’s definitely not as whimsical or fun as I would have liked, but it is a little more modern. 

Did you guys have any shopping adventures, good or bad, over the holiday weekend?

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