Decorating : The Formal Living Room Paint Color

November 18, 2011 08:23 by ehouston

Last week I revealed the latest painting project going on around here.  I was trying to take our formal living room from purpley-taupe….



…to a nice shade of super pale blue-gray.  Unfortunately, no matter how many different shades I brought home to try out on the walls I kept coming up with baby blue!


I finally decided to use the last swatch pictured above, which I had mixed myself by lightening the color on the dining room walls under the chair rail.  That color is Valspar’s French Gray and is available at Lowe’s.  You can barely tell in the pic above, but the color is still blue, with more of a gray tone rather than the bright whiteness of the background shade I had already painted on the walls.  So, I went with this shade, got it on all the walls and here is the kicker…I woke up to nearly the same look as I had before.  UGH!  Double, UGH!!

I was so frustrated that I gave up trying to get this project finished before The Mister got back from his trip.  I was attempting to get the mess over with before he had to deal with it, something he does not enjoy in his already stressful life.  I just really needed his opinion before taking any additional steps.  Plus, I just could not imagine painting a third color on the walls!  The color was better this time, but still more of a blue than a gray and I was not sure about what direction to take next.  I have been trying to avoid just going totally gray in this room.  I really want an undertone of blue to play off of the dining room.  The Mister took the mess fairly well and we agreed that we would put the room back together, live with the color until spring and then make a decision to change it at that time.  We are both just happy to see the purpley-taupe gone.  So, here we are….I present the blue formal living room.





Of course the early morning hours show a bright pale blue, but the later afternoon gives the walls the exact gray-blue cast I was going for.  Go figure!  I hope to get some simple white plantation blinds to cover the windows and to match up with the dining room.  I have not yet decided what fabric I want to use for the curtains, but I plan to hang stationary panels high and wide on wooden rods painted white.  Once I get to that stage I will be sure to post an update.

It sure is a light and airy space now.  Ooh, did I just say that?


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