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October 14, 2011 05:09 by ehouston

I am dying a thousand deaths today!  I received one of those emails telling me that my property value increased by 1.2%- yeah!  Only thing is, the property referenced was my old Nashville, TN home.  When you open those messages from Zillow they are kind enough to include photos of other houses in the area that are also for sale.  This is how I unfortunately stumbled upon the information that my Nashville, TN dream home is currently on the market.  I could die, I mean really just lay down and die right here, right now!

(All photos courtesy of and Remax Elite, Nashville, TN.)

3120 Hunters Hill Rd, Nashville, TN 37214

Hunter’s Hill Road, Nashville, TN

I remember driving by this place probably about a year after moving to TN in 2001-ish.  We were renting in the Donelson area, which is just east of downtown Nashville, and home to a plethora of stately brick ranchers that had once housed many of country music’s elite.  Way back when, this area of town was a “best kept secret”, but over time the money had moved south of Nashville and the neighborhoods were much more affordable to the likes of us.  ;o)  I came across this property while out snooping in my extended neighborhood for a little pocket or street that I wanted to call home.  The housing market was down and we were ready to pounce!  Every neighborhood cruising trip would end with a drive by this house.  At one point I even considered writing a letter to the owners and taking it by, just to let them know that IF they decided to sell, to call me first.  I just wanted them to know that it would be loved in the same way that they had loved it.  I pined after this home for years.  Even after we found our cozy little place just a couple of streets over, I still would cruise that street, hoping for a glimpse through an open curtain or better yet…a “For Sale” sign in the yard.  Don’t ask me how I planned to pay for it, or talk The Mister into moving again, I just knew this house had to be ours. 

I know to many of you it’s just an oddly shaped red and white box, but I think it is so terribly cool that it hurts.  All of our formal furniture would be fabulous in that wide open space and I think I could even live with the funky all-aqua kitchen. 

3120 Hunters Hill Rd, Nashville, TN 37214

Ah, I am swooning!  Plus, with a little fix-up, who wouldn’t love entertaining around that pool? 

3120 Hunters Hill Rd, Nashville, TN 37214

The best part about this property is that it sits on the edge of a large hillside and all of the houses at this point of the road and on up, have an incredible view of the countryside below.  Imagine taking a dip in your very private backyard pool, while overlooking the rolling hillsides speckled with black and white cows and the occasional red barn? 

3120 Hunters Hill Rd, Nashville, TN 37214

(Not the best shot of the fantastic view, but at least a taste of what you get.)

Amazing!  (I know, it seems weird that just a few miles outside of downtown Nashville, TN you can find farmland.  But, you can!)

I am going to go curl up in a ball now and weep.

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