Eating - A Peachy Day

June 20, 2011 06:36 by ehouston

This day started out rather dreary and I have spent most of the early part listening to a version of “out” that only a toddler can come up with, repeated at regular intervals every half hour.  I know it was with exasperation in my tone when I repeated back for what seemed like the millionth time, “We can’t go out today.  It’s cold and really rainy.  Going out would not be any fun”.  Somehow he knows it would only be a bad thing for me, since I would have to perform the hose down after prying him away from the mud puddles all around the yard.  At one point I managed to divert his attention to snack time, which started his usual mantra of “nana”, which he repeated in much the same way as “out”.  After explaining that he had already eaten the last banana, but we have a peach, he started that chant until I got it cleaned up and him dressed for the whole eating process.  This is the scene that ensued:


All geared up and ready to go.  This is no easy feat!


Mmmmmm…….oops.  Uh-oh!


Wha-?  There is something hard in there.  Pit, pit, pit, pit….


Grrrr, pit be dammed!


Running out of peach to hold…..


Another growl.


A little peach pit slurping.


One last suck to get all the sweet, peachy goodness.  heeheee….


And a growl and a whine as he realized the fun was over.

Oh, Thank God, the sun is coming out again.

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